17-year-old Philly murder suspect Shane Pryor apprehended four days after his escape at hospital

Police on Sunday night apprehended Shane Pryor, the 17-year-old who escaped from custody while receiving medical attention at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, capping off a four-day manhunt that already resulted in the arrest of an alleged accomplice.

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed on social media that Pryor was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals and was en route to the department’s homicide unit.

Pryor, who was charged with killing a woman in 2020, was taken to the hospital by juvenile detention center staff following a hand injury on Wednesday, when police said he managed to free himself from his shackles and escape on foot.

Police believe Pryor found a phone and called his friend who then picked him up and helped him escape the scene. Authorities on Friday charged Michael Diggs, 18, for his role in the escape plan.