25 year-old Mother of 5 still missing after January 14th 911 distress call

A 25-year-old mother identified as Marissa Carmichael is still missing after making a “distressed” 911 call from an Exxon gas station in Greensboro, NC on Jan. 14.

In the call obtained by ABC News, the woman said a man had driven off and left her stranded without her phone or any contacts, according to the news source.

She was last seen at 3:46 a.m. Though officers from the Greensboro Police Department (GPD) arrived at the scene located at 809 East Market St shortly after, Carmichael was already gone.

According to the incident report, Carmichael told the dispatcher during the two-minute phone call, “I don’t know where I am in Greensboro.” The resident of High Point, which is located 25 minutes from Greensboro, also said: “I just got all my stuff threw out the car, he took off with my phone. I have no clue where I’m at.” She referred to the man who allegedly left her only as “he.”

Carmichael’s mother, Sara Kay Carmichael — who filed the missing persons report — identified a potential suspect to police. But his name has not been released at this time.

A GPD spokesperson said, “Detectives are continuing to actively pursue all leads” but details are limited due to the ongoing investigation. Though two weeks have passed since her disappearance, the GPD said its officers are “actively attempting to locate Ms. Carmichael.”

Carmichael was previously described as being five feet and four inches tall, weighing 260 pounds. The missing woman was also described as having long black and blonde braids. She has a heart face tattoo and a butterfly near her eye. She was last seen wearing a white Tweety Bird shirt, jeans, and yellow sneakers.