5 Maryland teens shot, 1 critically injured, during water gun fight for senior skip day

Authorities are searching for at least one suspect who shot five teenagers, one of whom was critically wounded, during a water gun fight Friday celebrating “senior skip day” at a park in Greenbelt, Maryland, authorities said.

“These were kids on senior skip day who were looking to have a good time at a local park,” Greenbelt Police Chief Richard Bowers said at a news conference later on Friday evening. “And to have something like this occur, is just — it’s maddening, honestly.”

Hundreds of teens who had skipped school in Prince George’s County for the tradition had initially gathered in Bowie, Maryland, said Greenbelt police spokesperson Ricardo Dennis.

When both Bowie and Prince George’s County police scattered the crowd, about 500 students eventually reconvened at Schrom Hills Recreation Center in Greenbelt, Dennis said. The meet-up had been informally organized on social media authorities said. 

Students will leave school and head to the park with super soakers and squirt guns and “have a good time playing water gun battles,” Bowers said, adding teens had a similar water gun fight last year with no incidents.