5 youths killed by cartel video is trending online. HOLR breaks down the disturbing case.

Lagos de Moreno jovenes

As mentioned in this article, 5 young Mexican students- who were also allegedly childhood friends- were murdered on camera by the cartel in a case that shocked the world. The disturbing, related video of the brutal murders has been making its rounds online. These young men were supposedly ages 19-22 and all disappeared on August 11 in Lagos de Moreno, a city in Mexico. A video then circulated online of the 5 men, in which they had been seemingly kidnapped, tortured and killed.

Lagos de Moreno Video

The gruesome video showcases the 5 young men bound and on their knees. One of the 5 was allegedly ordered to stab and decapitate the others. Remains of all 5 of the men who were featured in the viral video were then found. The 5 men were allegedly lured with a promise of work- to supposedly be security guards.

As noted in the article, it seems as though they had been in contact with someone who had allegedly lured them with the hopes of potential work. When the group reached out to a relative that they were on their way home from an alleged concert on August 11, that was the last anyone had heard from them.