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Accountability: The hidden key to freedom, part 1

By Che

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“Accountability – an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary 

I held an open house recently that showcased a new prisoner re-entry program I helped develop along with an excellent team of dedicated professionals. We will commence with the initial class later this month. The program’s focus is on preparing newly released inmates for life on the outside, and ultimately back with their families in a positive manner. I firmly believe this endeavor will have tremendous success because we bring something few bring to the table; accountability. 

We have to understand something more important than anything you’ve ever heard or learned: YOU are responsible for your own destiny. YOU and you alone. You made the world you live in. What you do today determines how you live in the future. You do nothing, you get nothing. You do negative things; you get negativity returned to you. It’s that simple.  

We, the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, always think there’s a conspiracy to keep us locked up and away from society; that there’s some secret formula to life that the successful people have conspired to keep from us. This isn’t just a fringe conspiracy theory, it’s 100% true. They have no desire, or incentive for that matter, to let you in on the truth. It’s there, it’s accessible, yet they’ve done a great job convincing you to not want it. 

The secret is accountability. You want to be successful; you have to want to be held accountable. All great and successful people use it. Unsuccessful, mediocre people reject it. Instead, they opt to place blame on anyone and everyone to avoid the harsh fact that accompanies being accountable: being responsible. 

Once you know better, you do better. Or at least, you should. Once you know something wrong is happening, you’re obligated by a moral contract to correct it to the best of your ability. This is why people are so quick to believe everything the corporate press tells them. To question the narrative means you have to figure out the agenda on your own. The “on your own” part is the problem. It’s far easier to rely on the already established institutions to think for you. 

Accountability is so vital to our growth and development because it allows us to see the truth. If you’ve seriously competed in any kind of organized sport, you know the importance of film study. You know what it’s like to watch film of your performance while it’s critiqued by your coaches in front of your teammates. Coaches focus on your mistakes and where you can improve. The reason they do this, surprisingly, is so that you can improve.  

If your coach walks in and shows you film of the previous game, and excuses your every mistake as not being your fault there would be nothing to improve. You would be destined to commit the same mistakes over and over again because those weren’t your fault. You play the following game hoping that whoever was responsible would change. 

If they don’t, well, then you continue losing. 

This is why winners don’t make excuses. They own everything, all of their words and actions. They did it, not anyone else. No parent, teacher, or political system bears any responsibility for what they did. This allows them to correctly analyze their behavior and ameliorate any problems.  

The loser blames everyone so he never fixes anything. Their whole existence is nothing but a long complaint on why everyone else is wrong. They’re waiting on the stars to align and all the problems to miraculously fix themselves because they said so. But that means responsibility and having to rely on the person they distrust the most; themselves. 

Most people don’t want this responsibility. They’d rather be entertained and amused. Better to spend what little time you have away from your job watching sports and drinking beer. Why research strategies to improve your life when it will just require more work in the present? That’s valuable time that could be spent forgetting those problems exist. 

The political left and the outside globalist tyrants have taken advantage of this lack of morale. They have given us mindless entertainment, celebrity gossip, porn, drugs, alcohol, and a narcissistic addiction to social media that has created two parallel worlds: one in reality and one in virtual reality, or social media. Now they are shaping policy to further keep people from the principles that can change their whole existence. 

Every single one of the left’s policy agenda is about eradicating “accountability” from our daily lives. 


Take abortion for example, 90% of which are elective. That means the majority of abortions are not due to some rare medical condition, but a want on the part of the mother. She wants time for her career, doesn’t want to have a child with the father, financial hardships, etc. This removes accountability from sex. You can get a “do over” whenever it conveniences you. This has led to reckless sexual practices, promiscuity, and the destruction of the nuclear family. 

The proliferation of the LGBTQ+ movement, in particular the “T” (transgender), has added fuel to the fire. As stated earlier, accountability works because it examines the truth minus the narratives that have an interest in leading you in a certain direction. It measures something against objective reality. Transgenderism is based on subjective feelings, how a person identifies is based on how they feel

Objective reality, based on objective biological facts, can identify someone as a man, yet their subjective feelings identify them as a woman. The problem is when all of society is forced to accept the subjective feelings of an individual above objective reality. 

If the issue in question only exists in your head, there’s no way to hold it to account. I feel this way, therefore I am, regardless of how much it contradicts reality.  

The list can go on and on. Every policy, every cultural adaptation can be traced back to a lack of accountability. This is what they want, a weak and dependent population that begs the government to solve their every problem. We ‘re quick to exchange freedom for security especially when we believe that the people in charge are more qualified than we are to govern our lives. 

This is a great strategy for obtaining new voters. The Democrat Party plays a paternal role where the government is parent to their constituent children, promising a life of security and comfort. “Safe spaces” are constructed where you are safe from “microaggressions,” “violent pronouns,” and “hate speech.” What you give in return is self-determination. 

But with a culture shaped to view ideas like self-determination, independence, and personal responsibility as “mean” and “insensitive,” these voters are ripe for the picking.  

Nowhere is this pandering more prevalent than in so-called “marginalized communities.” This group includes felons and criminals, elements of society you have deviated from the social norm. These groups are then offered free “handouts” due to their lower social status erected not by their own actions, but by a system designed to hold them back. 

That idea is dangerous because it absolves the individual of any responsibility for their misgivings. They have nothing to correct because their transgressions were not their fault, but the fault of a larger system that needs to change. This kind of thinking leaves us nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs hoping one day the evil, racist oppressor suddenly has a change of heart and starts to treat us better. It is not you that are in control, but the ones holding you down. Until they change, nothing changes. 

Accountability gives people power. Accountability gives people freedom. Accountability forces one to “level up.” The lack thereof does the complete opposite. Where there is no accountability, you will find only slaves dependent on their masters to one day be merciful. 

It is this erasure of accountability that has proliferated the idea of racism and discrimination. You want to talk about “systemic racism” and “white supremacy?” Start with the people actively trying to keep you from being accountable.  

In part two, we’ll discuss further how the real threat to “marginalized people” is the idea that they bear no responsibility for their own lives.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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