Actress, Sofia Vergara and Netflix sued by family of Griselda Blanco ahead of miniseries about drug lord

Sofia Vergara and Netflix are being sued by the family of Griselda Blanco, the Colombian drug lord that Vergara portrays in an upcoming miniseries on the streaming network. Blanco’s son, Michael Corleone Blanco, is one of the plaintiffs who filed the suit in a Miami-Dade County Court last week.

According to court documents obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the family says they did not authorize the use of their images and want to block the series from airing.

Blanco, who is listed as Michael Sepulvedablanco in the lawsuit, says since 2009, he has been giving interviews to people who are interested in developing productions about his mother’s life. Dubbed the “Cocaine Godmother,” Blanco ran a successful drug ring in Miami. She was killed in Colombia in 2012.

Her son says Netflix expressed interested in his mother’s story, but they did not consult his interviews to create “Griselda,” the miniseries due out on Jan. 25. Blanco says they relied on anecdotes from others and did not properly compensate him for his mother’s story.

While the family is fine with Griselda’s likeness being used, they said that their likenesses was used in the production and they want to stop it from streaming.