Alabama riverboat dock worker involved in viral brawl now charged with assault

The Alabama riverboat dock worker who was involved in a brawl that went viral on social media has now been charged with assault, according to Montgomery Municipal Court records.

Dameion Pickett is due for arraignment on the misdemeanor charge on Nov. 21.

Pickett was initially identified by the Montgomery Police Department as a victim in an altercation that led to a massive brawl on Aug. 5 at Riverfront Park in Montgomery, Alabama, which began over a dispute about a pontoon boat that was blocking a space of a riverboat.

According to court records, the complainant is Zachery Shipman, one of the individuals who was initially charged in the incident. The incident initially led to charges against five individuals, while Pickett and a 16-year-old boy were identified as victims by police.

Richard Roberts was charged with two counts of assault in the third degree, court records show. Meanwhile, Shipman, Allen Todd and Mary Todd were all charged with assault in the third degree. All have pleaded not guilty.