Appeals court to hear arguments on limited gag order in Trump’s federal election interference case

A Washington, D.C., appeals court will hear arguments Monday regarding former President Donald Trump’s limited gag order in his federal election interference case.

The hearing, before a panel of judges, is Trump’s latest effort to lift the limited gag order issued by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan that prohibits Trump from making or reposting statements statements “publicly targeting” special counsel Jack Smith and his staff, as well as targeting the judge’s staff and the staff of other D.C. district court personnel.

At the moment, the appeals court has paused the order as Trump continues to fight it.

Trump’s lawyers argue that the limited gag order violates his First Amendment rights, while the special counsel has urged the judge to impose restrictions on Trump in order to protect potential jurors.

During the hearing on Monday, Trump’s attorneys and prosecutors will each get 20 minutes to argue their case, according to the court order.