Atlantic City mayor’s home raided as police investigate ‘family matter’

The Democrat mayor of Atlantic City’s home was raided by armed police officers last week in what he now calls a “political” attack as police investigated a “family matter.”

Mayor Marty Small Sr. said Monday he was approached by two Atlantic City Prosecutor’s Office officers while he was helping his mother-in-law into the car so his wife could take her to get bloodwork done at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Fox 29 reports.

The officers then presented him with five search warrants on Small’s home and vehicles as part of an ongoing investigation the mayor said he had been aware of for several months.

“As I turn around every area of my house, 20 law enforcement officials with guns, rifles, battering rams and more ascend to our proximity,” Small said at a news conference addressing the incident on Monday, according to CBS News.

Finally after about three and a half hours, law enforcement officers seized two of Small’s cellphones and a handful of personal-use laptops, his attorney said.