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Bet your bottom dollar it’s not in the curriculum

By Douglas Marolla 

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As the world separates into two parts, the “West” and BRICS, the lack of economic, financial, and monetary history in schools will be amplified. Millions of Americans will be caught flat-footed as the American dollar continues to lose value. Because the school system stopped teaching civics and home economics, Americans have no clue what’s in store for them. 

As the dumbing down of America continues, the rest of the world is moving on. For many years, since Kissinger and Saudi Arabia made it so that the dollar was the only currency used to buy and sell oil, Americans have enjoyed having the world’s reserve currency. This is something that everyone should know. The American dollar, post-1971, was the first world reserve currency that has not been backed by gold.  

Not only that, but the idea that a “dollar” should be backed by something is foreign to young people. Older people might have an inkling that there was gold somewhere in America’s financial and monetary past. Teenagers have no idea. Money, to them, comes from the magic flat box in their hands via CashApp or Apple Pay. Money just arrives out of thin air and into the phone to get burritos from Uber Eats. It’s magic. 

What they don’t know is that the rest of the world, particularly the BRICS nations and their allies, understand that money must be backed by something. For decades, both the US military and the rule that oil purchases were to be done only in dollars “backed” the dollar. It kept demand for dollars up, gave the dollar gravitas, and made nations afraid to think about using their currency on the world stage. And yes, the US military kept everyone in line. Saddam Hussein stepped out of line and thought he was running things, and you know what happened to him. Muammar Gaddafi talked about a gold-backed African dollar, controlled by a united African Union, and you know what happened to him. I recommend Gaddafi’s 2009 United Nations speech for anyone unsure about this. Once you read it, you’ll see that the countdown clock began ticking once he was finished.  

Was any of this information covered in school? Were you taught that the United States was on a strict gold standard for the first 150 years of its history? Did your history teacher explain to you that Henry Ford paid his workers $25 dollars a week – $5 dollars a day – and they were the highest paid workers in the world? Back then there was a gold standard, no unions, and no income tax. Re-read that last sentence. Everything you’ve been “taught” in school goes against this or doesn’t mention how things were when they worked in favor of the working man. No unions? No federal income tax? A gold standard? Current students believe that the way it is is the right way, maybe even the system that’s always been in place. They don’t understand that our monetary system is a chimera, a phantom. 

As the bifurcation of the world continues, our schools have dropped the ball. Students should know that Russia’s currency, the ruble, has gotten stronger as they continue to supply China and India with oil. Students should know that Saudi Arabia is now accepting payment for oil in Yuan. Students should know that every few months, China builds a coal-fired power plant strong enough to power San Diego. Not only are they completely unconcerned with climate change, but they’re also seeing to it that they are prepared strategically, financially, and militarily for the next era. Students in America should know that America used to not have a federal income tax. As it is, many don’t know that there are many states that don’t have a state income tax.  

Instead, what the modern American student is taught is that money can just be created out of nothing. They’re told, if they’re an advanced student, that the Federal Reserve manages the monetary system and keeps the American public safe from recessions and depressions. Even though the historical record shows that this is false, the mindless repetition of these talking points continues. Most students don’t even get that information. They have no idea what the Federal Reserve is, and how it keeps them in debt slavery. 

In home economics classes, students understood the value of skills that could create. They understood that hard assets from a kitchen, garden, shop, garage, or workbench could sustain you. In civics classes, you learned what your government was supposed to do. You understood that Article 1 section 8 explained the powers of what the Federal Government was allowed to do, as well as not do. 

The BRICS nations are going back to a nationalist world. They’ve told Globalism, and the Globalists who push it, to go take a hike. It’s why the Ukraine fiasco is so important. Russia has decided to ignore NATO bullying. Putin has stepped out of line, in the same manner that Hussein and Gaddafi did. If he succeeds, and it looks like he will, the world will see that the petrodollar is dead. They’ll see that the US military is a shell of what it once was.  

These things are already happening. Last month, Mexico applied to be one of the BRICS nations. 

Are our schools, at any level, teaching any of this? It looks to me like our top minds are wrestling with the idea and engaging in vigorous debate on whether a man can get pregnant and give birth. 

They say that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Compared to our elite (and their universities), Nero was a dedicated firefighter.

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Douglas Marolla

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