California’s attorney general is suing a Southern California school district with over 26,000 students for their new policy that requires schools to alert parents if their children change their gender identity or pronouns.

The lawsuit, started by California Attorney General Rob Bonta, alleges the Chino Valley Unified School District’s “parental notification” policy is discriminatory and violates both civil rights and privacy laws, according to a press release. The lawsuit also claimed the policy puts transgender and gender-nonconforming students in “danger of imminent, irreparable harm” by risking they’ll be outed in their household before they’re ready.

“They are in real fear that the district’s policy will force them to make a choice: either ‘walk back’ their constitutionally and statutorily protected rights to gender identity and gender expression, or face the risk of emotional, physical and psychological harm from non-affirming or unaccepting parents or guardians,” states the lawsuit, which asks the San Bernardino County Superior Court to immediately ban the practice.