Cancer vaccine with minimal side effects nearing Phase 3 clinical trials

Dr. Thomas Wagner, founder of the biotech company Orbis Health Solutions and cancer researcher, has made it his life’s mission to find a way to treat cancer without the dreaded side effects that, for some, can become worse than the cancer itself or may even lead to an earlier death.

“The tragedy of cancer is not just that person, the diagnosis, but it’s also the fear of the therapy,” Wagner told ABC News.

Many traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, work by killing off cancer cells but also kill off non-cancerous cells throughout the body. This can cause a range of side effects including hair loss, nausea, vomiting, or may knock out a person’s immune system putting them at risk of life-threatening infections, Wagner said.

After seeing cancer patients suffer from debilitating side effects of their treatment, Wagner began his mission to develop a cancer treatment that harnessed the power of a person’s immune system instead of eliminating it. This treatment was developed as a vaccine that has now been studied for decades, and each shot is completely personalized to each patient.