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Chaos and confusion is the LGBTQ+’s goal, and they don’t even know it

By Che

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed here are those of the authors. View more opinion on ScoonTV. 

Singer Demi Lovato recently turned some heads when she announced via social media that she would be adding the pronouns “she/her” back to the list of acceptable pronouns to describe “her”self. This comes after she decided earlier this year to stop using the feminine pronouns claiming that she was “non-binary” and didn’t fully identify as a woman. Now, she says she has been feeling “more feminine” as of late and therefore would like to add back the feminine pronouns along with the gender neutral “they/them” she still uses. Are you confused yet? Well, if you are, that’s the whole point. 

There is a national conversation, or more appropriately put, argument, over the “grooming” of kids by introducing them to sexual education as early as five years-old. This education revolves around teaching about alternative sexual preferences and gender identities. There are those who believe kids should be allowed to explore their sexual and gender identities and that the option to be anything other than heteronormative should be explained to them very early on. Naturally, this is causing an uproar amongst parents who do not believe it is the state’s job to teach children on matters they consider “adult” in nature. Instead, it should be left to them to instruct them on these matters as they see fit.  

The frustration many people feel is that we are debating issues that were presumed to be settled. Recently, US Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri had a testy exchange with UC Berkeley Law Professor Khaira Bridges during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the legal ramifications of Roe v Wade over what Bridges described as “transphobic” rhetoric because Hawley refused to acknowledge that men could get pregnant. “Gender roles” such as who makes dinner and who takes out the trash is no longer in question. Instead, it’s the entire concept of men and women that is being dismantled by the liberal establishment and leftist academia. 

But it’s more than just gender that is under attack. Truth itself is being threatened, and more importantly, the institutions that uphold it. 

Truths and definitions are important. Understanding them and respecting them are much more important than a person’s subjective feelings. However, we are being forced via societal pressure to disregard long established truths so as not to offend these feelings. We are being told to deny what has been obvious from time immemorial because someone somewhere feels uncomfortable about it. This leads to one thing and one thing only; confusion. 

According to 1 Corinthians 14:33, God is not “the author of confusion, but of peace…” This is important to understand whether one is religious or not. God, in this case, can represent the natural laws of the universe, a set of absolute standards set in place. One can also call them “logic” or “reason.” The idea that mathematical equations such as 1 + 1 = 2 are not up for debate or interpretation is one such example. You can believe whatever you want to believe in your subjective mind, but ultimately objective reality wins. 

Order brings peace because it establishes clear and precise definitions. There’s nothing to quarrel over when we all know what is true and false. When those lines become blurred, chaos and confusion ensue and people become restless and in need of answers. Society today is becoming more chaotic as people are more confused. What is a woman? Who can get pregnant? Questions that our forefathers would have scoffed at are now being used in a quest for political power. 

Make no mistake, this game of “guess who” is nothing more than a political power grab. This state of boundless confusion leaves the door open for more centralized power in the hands of a few at the expense of many. When people are confused, they’ll naturally call out for help from those who can give understanding. In this case, the “understanding” being sought are those of the so-called “expert” leftist academia, liberal politicians, and most importantly, the corporate sponsors that fund them. Answers can only be found in them but at a very expensive price. 

The covid-19 pandemic and the response to it is the perfect example of confusion giving way to an extreme loss of power. People, most of whom are not medical experts, could not grasp what exactly the covid-19 virus could do. We were told via the media that it was dangerous and that millions could die. Every night we sat glued to the nightly news in hopes of receiving answers as to how to survive what was sure to be an inevitable death. We listened to Dr. Anthony Fauci as he scoffed at masks then mandated them, laughed at the notion of locking down the economy and then scolded those who refused to “stay home.” These were the experts whose voices became the most prominent even as they contradicted themselves as new information poured in. 

As our economy has dwindled due to rising inflation, the White House has come out and redefined what it means to be in an economic recession. Historically, a recession was defined as two quarters where the gross domestic product was in the negative. We have experienced that recently. Yet instead of President Joe Biden acknowledging this, he simply denied this definition and made up his own. 

Does anyone see where all this is going? We are redefining staples of our society to manipulate the masses. That’s exactly what happens when we remove definitions based on objective reality and instead allow a person’s subjective feelings to be placed above it. 

I’ve often said that the most dangerous aspect of the transgender movement is not men acting like women and vice-versa. Personally, what a person believes is irrelevant to me. However, that’s not the objective. The objective is to act on everyone’s ability to think logically. That’s it. It’s not to be more “inclusive” or “empathetic,” it’s to short circuit a person’s ability to understand the world based on objective facts. 

If you’re walking down the street with your six-year-old child and you come across a person with a beard wearing a dress, that six-year-old child may ask some questions, namely “why is a man wearing a dress?” According to today’s academia and so-called “experts,” the politically correct response is to tell the child that it’s not a man, she is a woman. The wheels on that six-year-old brain are going to start spinning to the point where they will ask why. You have to say that she is a woman because that is how she feels despite what objective reality might be telling you. This sends a message to that child that one’s subjective feelings, in this case the feeling of being a woman, overrides objective reality. This is conditioning the child to accept things that go against logic and common sense even to their own detriment.  

When then-Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked to define what a woman is, she stated that she could not because she’s not a “biologist.” This comes as she was being praised for being the first black woman to accept the nomination and serve on the court. This woman will be in a position to interpret law here in this country and does not have a solid foundation that can define what she is. 

The people are the ones that will hurt the most. Chaos and confusion are the end results of all of this. We don’t know how to define anything. Ultimately, this means the person or persons who are the loudest will win. There are no standards by which to judge right and wrong so whoever is strongest will be judge and jury. 

These are dangerous times because the lack of definitions means the proliferation of chaos. When the people are confused, they will naturally seek answers. They will protest and demand that someone explain the world to them in a way that is most comfortable to them. That someone just so happens to be the politicians, liberal media, and the corporations reaping the benefits. They will give you the answers on one condition: that you relinquish your own power. 

This is all done intentionally in order to obtain power. The old freemason motto “ordo ab chao” translated to “order out of chaos.” In these times, it’s proving to be more strategic than prophetic. It is the classic Hegelian dialectic that describes creating a problem and then providing the solution, a move that ultimately ends with the creator of the problem with all the power.  

As humanity becomes more confused and disorganized, the elites who created the chaos will render more solutions that will give them power. One day the lost and confused will look up and realize their autonomy has been usurped from them and conceded to those who caused the chaos in the first place. Until we return to the truth, standing firmly on that which we can see with our own two eyes, we are doomed to a life of subservience and servitude. 

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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