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Comedian Tim Dillon nails the Rittenhouse verdict on the head

By Camino Chávez 

You can always count on real comedians to make sense out of the absurdity of the day. 

Right on cue, stand-up comedian Tim Dillon tweeted, “The takeaway from all of this in a sane society should be that riots and vigilantism will inevitably go hand in hand. You can’t excuse one without the other. That kid shouldn’t have been patrolling the streets. People shouldn’t have been burning down a town. Period.” 

There, he nailed the entire situation on the head, doing what so many mainstream media outlets and pundits were incapable of doing. 

Clearly, when you have major news networks and leftist activists posing as journalists carrying water for Black Lives Matter and Antifa —- both openly, proudly Marxist organizations — you’re going to see an inevitable backlash. These are groups who frequently destroyed private and public property, looted small and big businesses, and intimidated people through violence for months on end in 2020 – 2021. 

And when you don’t allow the police to do their job of protecting its citizens’ property, livelihood, and safety, and instead work to #DefundThePolice or even #AbolishThePolice, you will force people to take it upon themselves to enter this lawless chaos, defend their property and use force when they feel like their life is threatened.  

In a pre-woke, pre-everything-is-white-supremacy world, this would all be obvious. Sadly, we no longer live in that world.  

Instead, we live in a world where most mainstream media outlets and left-leaning politicians pretend Antifa is only a figment of our imagination. In reality, the groups terrorize Portland nightly. 

We are told that they, along with BLM’s most radical members, only “peacefully protest.” They gaslight us when we saw with our own eyes that a 17-year-old kid who shot 3 white criminals in textbook self-defense (2 of them felons, and one of them a multi-offense pedophile) is somehow guilty of cold-blooded murder and upholding white supremacy? Huh? 

Former US Intelligence-turned-race-grifter pundit Malcom Nance joined his fellow alarmists telling spooky White Supremacy fanfic stories around the leftist dumpster fire known as MSNBC. There, he warned that because of Kyle Rittenhouse’s “not guilty” verdict, people will (gasp!) feel emboldened to defend themselves if attacked, saying, 

“They [“white supremacist groups”] are going to have a ‘designated Kyle Rittenhouse’, and when you can anticipate or precipitate an attack, whether it’s bottles thrown at you, then not only can that person go back and defend himself, others can turn their weapons and carry out a massacre and say it was in defense of another person.” 

So, to recap, Nance is lamenting that the law upheld that a person could defend himself and that the significant segment of Antifa and BLM rioters who often act violently and usually do so without consequences, “throwing bottles” as he mentioned, may have to deal with people defending themselves with lethal force. 

Nance is upset that his acceptable extremists on the left “can attack and harass people with no consequences” party may be over, when that party should’ve never begun in the civil, law-abiding society we thought we were in. 

This enduring blind spot from the left is shocking, as it has been since at least the riots following George Floyd’s death last summer, and Tim Dillon is correct to highlight this.  

We never should’ve gotten to a point where ordinary civilians would have to go into the streets to defend cities, properties and, indeed, their own lives. The left’s attitude is “let these protestors destroy, loot and harass as much as they want until they’re done, with no risks to them legally or physically,” and that is a simply dangerous and unacceptable attitude.  

The corporate media and almost every organization in America should’ve never bent the knee to Black Lives Matter. They emblazoned it on every shirt and advertisement and enabled this violent and destructive behavior for so long last year without criticizing this ugly side of it. Support for this movement (again, led by “trained Marxists”) should’ve been conditional, and it never was. 

On top of that, they should’ve never defended #DefundThePolice and unfairly demonized our police officers for the past year. This has forced them to lose their jobs, or quit from the abject misery of it, or made them afraid to do their jobs if they still had them. Conditions like that are how vigilantism ever has a reason to exist in the first place. Jesus Christ, just re-watch Batman Begins 

It’s time our left-leaning corporate media, social media companies, influencers, celebrities, and “journalists” take accountability for this combustible landscape they created. Those whose job was to protect and serve are defunded and neutered, while those unhinged, ignorant, and/or embarrassingly immature individuals are running the show for the rest of the country. They are clearly running it into the ground. 

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Curtis Scoon

Editor-In-Chief | Founder

The editor-in-chief, executive producer, writer, and businessman. Curtis is active in helping the black community by employing and providing services in the Washington, DC and Detroit, MI areas.

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