Coming Nor’easter to dump snow on East Coast after week of record February warmth

Love isn’t the only thing in the air for New Yorkers heading into Valentine’s Day.

Following record warmth, The ENTIRE Northeast is in for some winter weather whiplash as temperatures dive and snow rolls in on Tuesday, with anywhere from an inch to several inches possible across the metro region and more expected to slam parts of New Jersey and the Hudson Valley.

Meteorologists are keeping a close eye on the potential nor’easter and exactly how much accumulation the city will get, with up to 4 inches in the metro area possible Monday night into Tuesday.

“It’s still up in the air,” Fox Weather meteorologist Cody Braud told The Post. “It’s going to be boom or bust.”

The city has been “burned” by recent snowstorms that skirted around the Big Apple, Braud noted.

New York broke a 700-day snow drought with the first storm of the season on Jan. 16 but hasn’t gotten hit hard yet this year.

Tuesday’s accumulation will depend on whether the storm gathers enough cold air as it heads north to change quickly from rain to snow.