On 2 November, FBI agents executed a predawn raid on the home of the New York City mayor’s chief fundraiser, 25-year-old Brianna Suggs – seizing phones, an iPad and documents. Agents also reportedly searched the home of a Turkish Airlines executive and a Brooklyn construction company owned by Turkish immigrants that had fundraised for the mayor, Eric Adams.

Days later, agents approached Adams in the street as he was leaving a Manhattan fundraiser and asked his security guards to step aside. Then they got into an SUV with him and seized two iPhones and an iPad. They returned those devices after a few days.

The seizures were a dramatic escalation in a federal investigation surrounding the mayor of the largest city in the US. Federal authorities are investigating whether Adams’ 2021 campaign conspired to illegally take money from the Turkish government in return for favors, including pressuring New York City’s fire chief to fast-track the opening of a new Turkish consulate building in the city.