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Critical Race Theory seeks to destroy our country from within

By Rex Liberman

Progressive politics champions a false reality through critical race theory (CRT) and other critical theories. They demand its adherents lie to themselves and then persecute anyone that opposes it.   

Eventually, though, as groupthink slowly thwarts self-reliance, everything liberals claim to hate will become reality.   

Nineteenth century storyteller Hans Christian Andersen satirized this spectacle in his tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. In the story, the emperor parades about in an invisible garment that, according to his subversive seamstress, only people with high intelligence can see.  

The townspeople seem to know that their emperor has been tricked, but nobody dares says a word for fear of looking foolish. What follows is a strange subversion of personal honesty—a critique of self-preservation that highlights the loss of integrity suffered when people intentionally choose dishonesty.  

The tale ends with a laugh, but begs the question; when people abandon common sense in favor of self-preservation, what is the outcome?  

Bondage. When people shackle themselves to liberal populism, identity politics, and microaggressions, they give up freedom for safety.  

To desperate minds without any sense of agency or self-respect, this political facade feels like a way to make a difference. But a worldview mired in discontent will never birth a utopian reality, no matter how much rhetoric liberal sympathizers pump out.  

Critical race theory posits that the world is inherently bigoted. Believing that, however, only guarantees that your experience in the world will feel broken and bigoted 

CRT and other critical theories serve no purpose than to keep people living in guilt, shame, and dishonesty. By relying on examinations of blame, rather than the empowerment of the individual, critical theories serve one specific purpose: to create a welfare state in the name of equality.  

Like the townspeople staring at their naked emperor, CRT creates an unwinnable scenario. You either admit your inherent bigotry or deny it and lose the group’s support (power).  

You are either a victim, or an oppressor.   

But CRT isn’t real or provable. It’s a theory obsessed with destruction that refuses to build anything—its only function is to strengthen discontent.  

Like all leftist theories, CRT tries to multiply prosperity by first dividing it, which is impossible. You can’t redistribute wealth, just as you can’t build utopia by criticizing all elements of society, through a preconceived, segregated lens.   

CRT doesn’t examine the nuances of life or explain how to be successful. Instead, it argues that all modern humanity is mired in ugliness and should be destroyed.  

The notion of “tear it all down and start over” sounds exciting to the disenfranchised actors who choose bondage, but little mention is ever made to the rebuilding itself.  

Once a falsehood makes up a platform’s foundation, though, they must roll out subversions to keep up the charade. Only a lie can cover for a lie, and soon the entire city is wearing invisible clothing, shunning those who refuse to go along with the dishonesty.  

Politics’ falsity comes to life once common sense is spurned in the name of progress.   

For four years we saw common sense drained from public discourse as Democrats built their adversary Donald Trump into the ultimate symbol of evil.  

All progressive ideology meant to undermine human liberty and foster dependence was simply added to the ‘destroy Trump’ tab.  

Nothing was off limits. For liberals living in constant fear of the boogeyman, politicians sold terror as needed and warranted; no price was too great to pay to defeat him.   

But now that the left is in office again, they must strengthen the glue that held those delicate lies together with more manufactured outrage to keep the dystopia story rolling.   

Without a convenient monster to fight, Democrats have begun to lean on CRT to instill all aspects of this country with the same implications that Trump embodied daily for them.  

Racism, distrust, and hatred must rule the day if the house of cards is to stand.   

Under the guise of preserving human dignity, modern day segregationists have spread Trump’s conservatism to anyone that refuses to compliment the emperor on his new clothes.   

Remember, accepting CRT as true implies you accept your racist tendencies, while denial makes you racist too.  

They’ve taken a specific narrative used to combat Trump and transformed it into a massive problem via a calculated lie—that white supremacy is Western culture’s foundation. 

Critical race theory works so well for two intertwined reasons. First, it fosters an environment of vague hopelessness—how can overcome life itself without destroying life itself? Second, it demands total servitude to the dishonesty under intense fear of retribution. Accept both or be labeled a racist, which, in 2021, is a fate worse than most crimes.  

If you want to align with the left, then questioning your own hopelessness is forbidden. You must think this world is evil, or else they will label you as a part of evil.   

But evil is an individual choice, not a label you must outrun. To believe in inherent evil is to believe in the forgery.   

In reality, life is inherently beautiful. People who happily see life’s challenges as a fun adventure are not out committing many crimes, legal or moral. But under the liberal doctrine of criticism, all people must face their inherent evil or face the mob.  

The healthy human mind rejects this prescription to bleakness, though. It understands when it’s told to act against its best interests.  

Our emotions prove it.   

We are called to embrace the positive aspects of life. Our emotions alert us when we drift off course from our paths of positivity. They warn us that negative outcomes are on the way if we don’t divert our thoughts back to the good in life.  

In this sense, emotions are a guidance system, which is why we can lie to the world but never to ourselves; our emotions always point toward the truth.   

Emotional liberals are on the right track when they fight for policy based on how they feel, but they are dishonest about what needs changing. Emotions are an indicator that you must change, not the world at large. Dishonesty, over time, always consumes you from the inside out.  

Whether you believe that white supremacy affects all aspects of Western life or are just going along with the ruse, the result is the same; you feel poorly, either about the world or about your own dishonesty.  

You can’t saddle yourself to a destructive theory like CRT without feeling negatively. This miserable believer is who the left glorifies into discipleship.  

However, if they cared about progress, they’d ignore theories like CRT for slowing down the process.  

Critical theorists claim that prejudice is inherent, but the only thing inherent in humans is our emotional spectrum. Fighting a war against anything won’t make us feel better; it just inflames negative feelings with indignation.  

The only way to overcome anything is to accept your own personal power of unconditional love because anything else just makes the perceived injustice grow. You get what you give; it’s the human experience’s most fundamental aspect.  

Yet, most politicians and their lapdog media encourage the exact opposite sentiment. In 2021, outward happiness makes you weak, while giving your attention to bitterness makes you a freedom fighter.  

The instant access to new, outrageous information has made our de-facto culture a 24-hour war cycle. Everything is backwards on purpose. Like dishonesty, its effects are accumulating quickly.  

To get away with such lies, heavy pessimism like that found in CRT must always be fostered. Without it, liberals’ inspired discontent facade comes crashing down.  

You can’t sell a broken world and a frenzy of terror to a happy constituency. Hypocrisy in both language and action eventually becomes the only option.   

The promise of hope never comes to completion because progressive politics demands upheaval. Without fresh burdens to lament, the entire facade would cease to exist.  

As dishonesty mounts and discontent grows, the neutered leftist’s outcry becomes more distinct.  

“Save us, leaders, from the hateful world’s pain,” they will say. “Take whatever you need—our freedom, our happiness, our community—in order to slay the conservative oppressor which causes us all this harm.”  

Eventually, destroying the progressive agenda’s enemies will be the only way they feel safe. Not only will they have chosen ultimate bondage in totalitarianism, but they’ll also demand that you pat their head for their bravery.  

Then, totally exposed to a socialist oligarchy’s whims, leftists will finally realize that their precious garments were never invisible; they were just naked and vulnerable all along.  

Rex Liberman


Rex Liberman is a Southerner who has lived on the East and West coasts and currently resides in Los Angeles. A veteran of both corporate and blue-collar America, he brings a perspective to social commentary that all people from all walks of life can appreciate. Rex is most interested in the intersection between self-development and politics, and how we can come together by better understanding what drives us apart.

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