Unionized employees at Chevron Corp.’s liquefied natural gas plants in Australia began partial strikes on Friday after talks about a new labor contract failed to materialize.

Bloomberg reported Offshore Alliance, which includes the Australian Workers Union and Maritime Union of Australia, began partial work stoppages around 1300 local time across the Gorgon and Wheatstone plants and the Wheatstone offshore platform in Western Australia. Last year, the three facilities accounted for 7% of the world’s LNG production.

Workers plan 20 different types of labor actions at the plants until mid-next week when full-blown strikes could start as early as Thursday.

“Despite the Offshore Alliance giving Chevron plenty of opportunity to sort out EBA’s across the 3 Chevron facilities, they will finally be facing their day of reckoning. Protected Industrial Action commences at 13:00 today,” Offshore Alliance wrote in a Facebook post.

The alliance said, “Chevron are demanding they be given special concessions in bargaining – a demand which we have put through the shredding machine,” adding, “Their bargaining performance has been the most inept effort of any employer the Union has dealt with in the past 5 years and our members have had enough.”

The unions concluded: “It’s game on, Chevron.”