Death toll rises to 68 in Davao de Oro Philippines landslide

Officials say there are still 51 people missing following Tuesday’s disaster in Davao de Oro province, but rescue workers admit there is little hope of finding any more survivors.

A three-year-old girl was the last person pulled alive from the mud.

Her rescue – after more than 60 hours buried – was described as “a miracle”.

Edward Macapili, a disaster agency official of the Davao de Oro province, said at the time it have given “hope to the rescuers”.

But on Monday, those hopes appeared to have faded.

“It is almost a week after the incident and… we are assuming that no one is alive there,” Mr Macapili told AFP news agency. “There is already a foul smell in the area now so there’s a need to fast-track the retrieval.”