Florida governor Ron DeSantis is taking aim at the state’s teachers’ unions, releasing a series of proposals this week that would rein in their power by limiting how they can collect dues, where they can promote their union efforts, and how much they can pay their leaders.

The Republican governor’s proposals targeting the unions are part of a broad legislative push he’s making around education that also includes an additional $1 billion in state funding to raise teacher pay, establishing a teacher’s bill of rights, and further reducing school-board term limits. He announced the proposals on Monday at a Jacksonville charter school.

As part of a series of proposals he has deemed “Paycheck Protection” for teachers, DeSantis is calling for a ban on automatic payroll deductions for public employee union dues, requiring public employees who join a union to sign a form acknowledging that Florida is a right-to-work state, and requiring unions to notify members every year of their membership costs.