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Does Michael Knowles have a point about ‘transgenderism?’

By Che

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Another day has passed, and you can almost guarantee that a political and social commentator from the “Daily Wire”’ has the LGBTQ+ community into an uproar. This time it’s Michael Knowles speaking at the annual conservative conference CPAC. During a speech, Knowles said that “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely.” Immediately, trans activists took to the frontlines of the culture war (Twitter) to decry Knowles’ statements as a precursor to a second Holocaust. Even the White House Press Secretary stated that Knowles called for the “eradication of trans people”. As mischaracterized as his statements have become there are a few truths that we can gather and expound upon, no matter who it offends.  

First things first, Knowles did not call for a “genocide on trans people,” as so many have erroneously suggested. His words were very clear and as follows: “if it (transgenderism) is false, then for the good of society, and especially for the good of the poor people who have fallen prey to this confusion, transgenderism must be eradicated from public life entirely. The whole preposterous ideology, at every level.”  

It is clear that he is calling for the eradication of an ideology and not a people. He is saying that the idea that someone can be “born in the wrong body” is preposterous and should be treated as a mental health crisis as opposed to being celebrated as a valid way of life. He even takes an empathetic view when he specifically says that this particular stance is for the good of those who are experiencing this sort of crisis. Michael Knowles is not wrong. In fact, although the activists will argue against this, Knowles’ stance is the most empathetic of all. It is the most loving and caring stance we can all take.  

Michael Knowles is right. In my opinion, transgenderism, as an ideology, is not a “lifestyle,” “sexual orientation,” and/or “gender identification.” What it is, is an excuse. Yes, an excuse. It is an excuse used to allow for those experiencing a severe mental health crisis to persist in said crisis as opposed to rectifying the problem.  

Transgenderism is a name, an identity that allows the victim to remain in permanent chaos and confusion. In lieu of confronting the issue and seeking ways to better one’s situation, transgenderism provides a cop out, where the subject can then live out their delusions and force the world around them to conform.  

Trans people are not a new category of gender identity, they are regular people who are experiencing a mental health crisis known as “gender dysphoria.” Gender dysphoria is defined as, “a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity.” It goes on to say that gender dysphoria “may be so intense it can lead to depression and anxiety and have a harmful impact on daily life.” This describes trans people to a T. This is clearly a mental health problem. If your view of the world does not match reality, you are delusional, simple. What you think and believe to be true is not aligned with objective reality and therefore, the solution is to realign your mind so that it conforms with what is real.  

I don’t understand how this does not make sense. If I believe I can fly and proceed to jump off a tall building, objective reality, in this case physics, will completely debunk my erroneous belief system. I cannot fly. That is a fact that cannot be disputed or challenged simply because I want it to be. Why is this not the case with transgenderism? The answer is simple: money.  

The “trans movement” seems profitable, which is why it won’t go away. It is profitable specifically to the medical-industrial complex as well as the educational industrial complex. Let me explain both.  

The “medical-industrial complex” is defined per Wikipedia as “a network of interactions between pharmaceutical corporations, health care personnel, and medical conglomerates to supply health care-related products and services for a profit.” These are the entities most likely to enrich themselves from transgenderism. Without even looking at the data, you can see how a person who “needs” such “gender affirming care” which includes everything from hormone replacement therapy to genital reconstruction, not to mention the thousands of hours of therapy that only affirms their delusion thus leading them to the more expensive procedures, can be a cash cow to big pharma, health care providers, cosmetic surgeons, etc. Compare this to the average person who may only see his/her doctor once or twice a year and you can see why there is a driving force behind this “movement.”  

Think for a minute about a child who is “experiencing gender dysphoria.” Let’s say the child is four years old and male, yet he has a proclivity to play with dolls and try on dresses. The child’s mother then takes her son to the doctor and informs them of his odd behavior. The doctor can then say that he is just a child that is curious and exploring different avenues of play. It is simply a phase most children experience, and it will soon pass. The matter is closed and in a few weeks the child is no longer interested in dresses and instead wants to now play with GI Joes. The doctor won’t get another visit from the child for six months and they proceed with their normal program of regularly scheduled visits where the doctor runs a few tests, makes a few notes and sends him on his way with a clean bill of health. However, there is another option, an arguably more lucrative one.  

That very same doctor can hear the mother’s concern and choose to take a different approach. The doctor can then say that the child is possibly transgender. This means a lifetime of therapy that eventually moves to hormone replacement therapy and then to gender reassignment surgery, not to mention the countless number of drugs and cosmetic procedures that must be done to accommodate the child’s innocent proclivity to explore the world around them. In this scenario, everyone from the therapists to the plastic surgeons and, of course, the pharmaceutical companies are all getting paid, unlike the first scenario where he only sees his doctor annually and on those rare occasions where he breaks his arms falling from a tree he was climbing. Can you see the game being played here?  

There seems to be an incentive to move people, especially children, towards being trans. You may not want to admit this because you’re bombarded with sentiments of guilt via social media. So, you conform, because that’s what “good people” do. All while playing into the agenda of enriching the medical-industrial complex.  

Let’s not forget the educational-industrial complex, another beneficiary of this ideology Michael Knowles wishes to eradicate. The educational-industrial complex is defined as “all of the entities—schools, colleges, universities and non-profit and profit-making enterprises that purport to teach.”  This is where I believe the “trans ideology” originated, as well as where its legitimacy stems from.  

We have to remember that college loans are subsidized by the federal government, meaning that almost every student that enters college is paid for by the taxpayer. Essentially colleges and universities are given a blank check to accommodate their operating costs. They tell the government what they need based on their student population, therefore they have an incentive to recruit as many students as possible. One way to do this is to offer more courses.  

There is a limit as to how much math, science, engineering, etc., that you can teach. Also, most students, especially female students, don’t have as much an interest in learning the STEM curriculum, which means that they are never funneled into the college system. So, in order to recruit a bigger base of students, it seems as if the college and university system expanded their curriculum to include courses like humanities, liberal arts, philosophy, etc., which include gender studies. 

Gender studies are really simple and limited if you understand that there are two genders based on chromosomes. But, if you expand this understanding to include an infinite number of genders, then we’re talking of an infinite possibility of courses. More courses mean more faculty, which means more buildings, more departments, more costs, more money. That’s the bottom line. Administrators oversee bigger staff therefore they need to make more money. Do you see the play here?  

You teach made-up courses to hand out made-up degrees and make the taxpayer pay for it via loans. You help prop up the medical research and development wing of the university by validating the ideology that pays them and everyone wins. Everyone except the people plagued by the mental health crisis.  

Everyone seems to be getting rich off the “trans ideology” and society at large is fronting the bill. This is why Knowles’ statements are so problematic. Not because it “denies the humanity” of trans people, but because it threatens the pockets of those who are profiteering from this madness. The purple-haired minions that flood your TikTok crying about being “misgendered” are pawns being used in the game of funneling your money into corporate pockets. Nobody really believes this madness except for the pawns, who are used to shame, humiliate, and destroy anyone who dares to challenge their master’s bank accounts.  

The part that gets overlooked in Knowles’ speech was the “poor people who have fallen prey to this confusion.” These are the people, most of them young and naïve and being raised by weak and ignorant parents, that hurt the most. They have no shot at having a normal, healthy life because they are surrounded by people who only seek to keep them chained to the shackles of their delusional mind. Instead of helping them overcome this crisis and conform their worldview to what Knowles is saying, the profiteers encourage them.  

I recently watched an episode of “90 Day Fiancé” on TLC, where one of the participants is a trans man (biological woman). In this episode “he” described the process of undergoing “bottom surgery” where they removed a piece of “his” thigh in order to manufacture an artificial penis that was attached to the clitoris (you can’t make this up). The newly formed “penis” didn’t have enough nerves to “function properly,” so they had to remove it and reattach to “his” thigh and then repeat the process on “his” other thigh. This all happened in the span of two weeks during which “his” urethra closed, and a colostomy bag had to be used in order to urinate. While describing the process “he” said “he” was scared “he” was going to die. All of this to avoid dealing with what I’d say is the real issue.  

This is the unfortunate consequence of the “trans ideology,” people are being pushed to mutilate their bodies, put their lives at risk and lead a life of pharmaceutical dependency instead of having honest conversations and working to conform their minds to reality. All so big corporate tycoons can expand their fortunes.  

Michael Knowles is a problem because he threatens the racket. Truth threatens the scam, because all scams run on deception and there’s no greater deceptive veil being held over the eyes of Western society than the “trans ideology.” It is built on lies. And once we collectively condition ourselves to accept one lie, there is no limit to the lengths the liars will go to deceive.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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