The salaries for those employees, some of whom work on DEI full-time, totals more than $18 million dollars according to a College Fix analysis.

One of these goals included an “inclusive language” guide that instructed university employees not to say “America” or use Easter and Christmas imagery.

The Fix pulled the data from the latest “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” report for the public university in Lansing and used salary information from the school and government watchdog group Open the Books. In a few cases, The Fix estimated the salary for some employees based on the lowest salaries for personnel in comparable positions.

Some action items are more specific than others, including the creation of an “LGBTQIA2S+ Resource Guide,” from the human resource department. The guide “will feature crucial links to gender-affirming and transition-related care benefits, specifically catering to the needs of the trans and non-binary community.”