A European Union body has called for all ‘gendered language’ to be purged from existence, including completely innocuous sayings such as ‘Joe Public’, as well as words such as ‘virile’ which it claims are too often associated with men.

The Telegraph reports that The European Institute for Gender Equality (yes that exists) has compelled a 61-page document outlining what words should be wiped from existence and have more “sensitive” replacements.

The document has been named Toolkit on Gender-sensitive Communication. Examples of words and terms to be resigned to the dustbin of history include ‘Master of ceremonies,’ ‘No man’s land,’ ‘Manpower,’ and ‘Repairman.’

In EU Newspeak, those terms would become ‘host,’ ‘Unclaimed territory,’ ‘human power,’ and ‘Repairer’, while they want the term ‘Joe public’ replaced with ‘average citizen’.

Comply average citizen.

Conservative MP Nigel Mills commented “This is utter madness. It’s an attack on the English language.”