Ex-Starbucks employee sues chain for wrongful termination after stopping attempted robbery

A former Starbucks employee is suing the coffee chain, saying he was wrongly terminated after confronting robbers at his store.

NBC St. Louis affiliate KSDK reports 20-year-old Michael Harris was working a drive-thru shift in December when he said two men entered the store and began frisking customers.

When the two men demanded cash from the register, Harris said, he tried to open it. At that point, one of the robbers hit him on the head with a gun.

“I thought I was gonna die that day … they walked in, announced that it was a robbery,” Harris recalled, according to the station.

He said he felt emboldened to stand his ground when he realized the gun was fake, the station reported, noticing that the trigger had fallen off.

“That’s when we noticed and started to fight back,” Harris said.

Eventually, one of the men took off; Harris and another coworker were able to restrain the other until police arrived, the station said.