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Fauci funded gain-of-function and buried the cure for COVID-19


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Let’s face it, it’s been a long, frustrating two years for all of us. Personally, I don’t care how a person feels about the Covid vaccines. I mean, I DO care – I wouldn’t be writing if I was apathetic – but ultimately a person’s beliefs and decisions are theirs to make. It’s called freedom.  

I don’t denigrate nor condescend to anyone over this matter. But there is one thing that really gets under my skin and makes me want to…well let’s just say it’s maddening and leave it at that. 

The most infuriating part of this entire thing has been the way in which people will condescendingly speak to you as if you were a few dozen cards short of a full deck. I know you have experienced this yourself. Oh, the smugness! 

Recently, a friend refused to let me visit because I’m not vaccinated and could potentially give their sick child Covid. Ok, fine. I have zero problems with a parent doing what they believe is best for their child. My problem lies within their faulty logic. 

Even the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) admits that the vaccinated can spread it just as easily as the unvaxxed. My friend should be just as cautious with vaccinated visitors. The paradox in their “logic” eludes them. 

It gets better. This same friend now has, wait for it, can you guess? Covid!! Through exhaustive deductive reasoning it is safe to assume they got Covid from a vaccinated person seeing as unvaxxed visitors are strictly banned. Oh, the irony! 

Did I gloat? No. Did I point out the obvious? No. Was I a smidge self-satisfied? Maybe. However, as a friend, I offered them Ivermectin to help get rid of the Covid. I might as well have offered them a special magical brew from a witch I met while backpacking through Europe. 

They laughed at me. I didn’t argue and refrained from trying to argue my point. It wouldn’t have done any good. So, I wished them a speedy recovery and ended the conversation. 

Many people choose, and it is a choice, to believe what the media tells them. It’s a tough battle. The odds are stacked against us because they have the power of the MSM and Fauci on their side. 

On the other hand, we have hours, weeks, and months of our own painstaking research even though it doesn’t have the mainstream seal of approval. Plus, their megaphone is louder. There has been virtually nothing we can do to wipe those smug smirks off their faces…until now. 

On Monday, January 10th, James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas released a bombshell of documents. The first came from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects) and the US Department of Defense (DoD). The second document verifies the first one and was written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow. This missive definitively indicts Fauci, EcoHealth Alliance, and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) over the funding of gain of function research in Wuhan. Even more surprisingly (not really), they reveal that the cure allegedly lies in the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.  

These documents should be the main story on every news channel, newspaper, and website. But sadly, they aren’t. The reason is because they are the same people and organizations who worked overtime to cover for Fauci. 

They relentlessly attacked Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine as well as anyone who promoted them, including President Trump. Your Spidey Senses should be tingling because this was a coordinated effort to create a virus, pandemic, and “vaccine” just to bury the actual cure. 

I’m sorry but there is no benign reason for all of this to happen the way it did. They desperately needed this to get rid of Trump, introduce mail-in ballots, and implement draconian societal controls including a universal digital ID system. When you look at the evidence from 38,000 feet, it becomes clear a dangerous agenda is afoot. 

Dr. Fauci lied when he testified before Congress that he never approved gain of function research. 

He even went so far as to say that Rand Paul didn’t know what he was talking about. Recently, a hot mic caught Dr. Fauci calling Senator Roger Marshall a moron. He angled his position to be about the definition of gain of function. Clearly, Fauci uses a different textbook than the DoD and the rest of us. 

I started to research the official definitions of gain of function (GoF) to include in this article but then I realized, it doesn’t matter. The interpretations of what GoF technically means are nuanced and akin to President Clinton’s definition of what “is” is. Suffice to say it’s like porn. You can’t define it, but you know it when you see it. DARPA and the DoD saw it for what it was. It was gain-of-function. Full stop. 

The reason I say defining GoF doesn’t matter is because in March 2018, DARPA and the DOD reviewed a proposal from the EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance is a non-profit organization whose mission is “protecting people, animals, and the environment from emerging infectious diseases.” 

This research proposal included a program called DEFUSE which “sought to use a novel chimeric SARS-CoV spike protein to inoculate bats against SARS-CoVs.”  

DARPA and the DoD rejected the proposal because they deemed it to be GoF and too dangerous. This means the government agency familiar with bioweapons and weapons research determined it was too risky and in violation of the GoF ban in effect until the Trump administration repealed it in 2017. 

This should stop the debate in its tracks. It doesn’t matter how Fauci parses his words and plays games with the definition(s) of GoF. He can think whatever he wants to think. It doesn’t matter because the govt agency with more authority than Fauci decided it was GoF. 

This should have been the end of it, but it wasn’t. Instead, Fauci and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) ran around DARPA and the DoD by funding this research through EcoHealth Alliance at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. They used at least $1.1 million US taxpayer dollars, too. 

Now, let’s quickly review the scenario before continuing: 

  • DARPA & DoD refused EcoHealth Alliance research because it is GoF and too dangerous. 
  • Fauci & NIH via EcoHealth Alliance funded the research in Wuhan. 
  • China, despite economic ties, is our enemy. 
  • The CCP controls everything in China including the Wuhan lab. 
  • Chinese military doctrine still believes bioweapons are a legitimate weapon despite international bans. 

I think Dr. Fauci believes he is above the law, above Congress, and above the DoD. His overall lack of hubris is astounding. However, it seems Dr. Fauci’s reign of terror could be about to end in a most spectacular fashion. 

The first document revealing the DOD’s refusal to fund EcoHealth Alliance leaked on the web a few months ago. In this document, James Gimlett, Ph.D. Program Manager for Biological Technologies Office at DARPA, states that one of the reasons for rejecting the research proposal was that it “does not mention or assess potential risks of Gain of Function (GoF) research.” 

While the rejection letter appeared legitimate, it remained unverified for months. That changed when Project Veritas secured a second document verifying and supporting the initial one. 

The second document is a missive written by U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow. He explicitly highlights GoF and even states that the cure/treatment lies in Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Major Murphy wrote

“I’m reaching out to communicate some information relative to Covid that I don’t believe xxxxx or your director is aware of. You probably saw earlier this week that more official documents linking NIH and EcoHealth Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology were published by The Intercept. I came across additional incriminating documents and produced an analysis shortly after leaving DARPA last month. This report was routed to the DoD IG office.” 

He continued, “DARPA rejected the proposal because the work was too close to violating the gain-of-function (GoF) moratorium, despite what Peter Daszak (President of EcoHealth Alliance) says in the proposal. As is known, Dr Fauci with NIAID did not reject the proposal. The work took place at the WIV (Wuhan) and at several sites in the US, identified in detail in the proposal.” 

Major Murphy then dropped a bombshell, 

“Many of the early treatment protocols ignored by the authorities work because they inhibit viral replication or modulate the immune response to the spike proteins, which makes sense within the context of what EcoHealth was creating. Some of these treatment protocols also inhibit the action of the engineered spike protein. For instance, Ivermectin (identified as curative in April 2020) works throughout all phases of illness because it both inhibits viral replication and modulates the immune response of note, chloroquine phosphate (Hydroxychloroquine, identified April 2020 as curative) is identified in the proposal as a SARS-CoV inhibitor, as is interferon (identified May 2020 as curative).” 

Ivermectin works! 

Finally, Major Murphy confirmed our worst fears regarding the vaccines – Antibody Dependent Enhancement. He wrote that the EcoHealth proposal states that a “vaccine approach lacks sufficient epitope coverage to protect against quasi-species of coronavirus.” 

Consequently, they were trying to make vaccines work by “targeted immune boosting via vaccine inoculators using chimeric polyvalent recombinant spike proteins.” 

He continues, saying, “The nature of using a spike protein vaccine with one epitope against a spike protein vaccine with a quasi-species may explain the unusual (and potentially detrimental) antibody response amongst the vaccinated to the new Covid variants. Fundamentally, the knowledge the proposal provides signals that the risk of Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) from vaccination should be evaluated with high priority…” 

These documents confirm our suspicions and worst fears. This should be the end of Fauci, his accomplices, the vaccines, and the mandates. But these are not normal times. We will be lucky if any mainstream news source reports on them.  

Fauci not only went around DARPA and the DoD to create Covid-19 but actively worked to suppress treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. This also confirms they’re fully aware of the risk that vaccines pose yet pressed forward. More so, they criticized anyone who dared to question the vaccine efficacy. 

I ask you, what is the benign reason that Fauci and others would try to cover up the creation of Covid-19 and its curatives? Obviously, there are ulterior motives, and they aren’t good. There is no benign reason. 

There is an evil agenda at work here and I believe we are finally getting closer to the truth. Hopefully, Fauci and others will be held accountable for their actions. It is up to us to continue to research and spread the word every single day. 

Eventually, we will be able to beat them back. We cannot rely on anyone or anything else. No one is coming to our rescue. That is precisely why I started the EMC2 Newsletter. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – John Stuart Mill

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EMC2 Newsletter was started as a means to proactively do something instead of idly sitting on the sidelines watching our fate get decided by people who couldn’t care less about us. You are EMC2, and EMC2 is you. It is our collective voice. Refuse to believe that there’s nothing you can do. Together we will echo across the land, across all borders, and effect real change. Together, our Energy and Mass will always be greater than theirs. They know this, and it’s time we did too.

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