Federal prosecutors oppose Hunter Biden’s ‘meritless’ request to toss gun charges

Government prosecutors on Tuesday opposed a recent effort by Hunter Biden’s attorneys to dismiss the federal gun charges filed against him on the basis of selective and vindictive prosecution, with the special counsel’s office calling those arguments “meritless.”

Prosecutors for special counsel David Weiss said in a court filing that Biden’s motion “produces no evidence to support his allegation that the Executive Branch, led by his father, President Biden, and its Justice Department, led by the Attorney General appointed by his father, authorized prosecution by the U.S. Attorney and Special Counsel of their choosing for an ‘improper political purpose.’”

Prosecutors went on to say that “the charges in this case are not trumped up or because of former President Trump—they are instead a result of the defendant’s own choices and were brought in spite of, not because of, any outside noise made by politicians.”

They said that Biden’s 2021 memoir, “made countless incriminating statements about his years-long drug usage, including during the time period he purchased and possessed the gun.”

Attorneys for Hunter Biden did not immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday. A spokesperson for the special counsel’s office said there will be “No additional comment/details beyond what has been publicly filed.”

Hunter Biden in September was hit with a three-count indictment tied to his alleged possession of a gun while he was using narcotics. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.