A group of boozed-up spring breakers has infuriated locals in Florida after dumping two huge trash cans full of garbage into the ocean.

The brazen partygoers were likely some of the 10,000 revelers attending the annual Boca Bash over the weekend.

In shocking video footage shared online, the group can be seen emptying trash from their boat into the open water.

“It just really infuriates you to see someone trash the ocean like that,” local resident Rodrigo Samsing told WSVN.

“You know, nobody else on the boat tried to stop them. Everybody was just celebrating.”

“I mean they already had the trash sitting in the garbage can, they could have just put a bag, grabbed a bag, filled it up and thrown it away. Instead, they just dump it carelessly into the ocean. It’s just really sad to see,” he added.

Boca Bash representatives told the outlet that the spring breakers have been ID’d, calling their behavior “completely unacceptable.”