Former Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge (now with CBS) is facing a contempt charge after refusing to comply with a court order to reveal a confidential source’s identity.

The source had provided information about an FBI investigation into a Chinese American scientist, Yanping Chen – whose lawyers asked the court to hold Herridge in contempt because she “refused to answer questions regarding the identity of her confidential source(s) and other aspects of her reporting process and editorial decision-making.”

The case stems from three reports published by Fox News starting in 2017, which revealed that the FBI had been investigationg Ms. Chen, a naturalized US citizen who founded and owned a university attended by multiple US military personnel. Chen was informed in 2016 that she wouldn’t be charged, the Epoch Times reports.

Yet in 2018, the Department of Defense moved to stop helping to pay the tuition for military members who wanted to attend Chen’s university. Chen sued the FBI, who she claimed had leaked the previously private information to Herridge.