Georgia Senate approves resolution to establish panel to investigate Fani Willis

The Republican-led Georgia Senate on Friday approved a resolution to establish a committee to investigate the prosecutor who brought an election interference case against former President Donald Trump and 18 co-defendants last year.

In a 30-19 vote that passed along party lines, the state Senate approved legislation that will permit a special committee to investigate Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis amid misconduct allegations.

The alleged misconduct “includes the ongoing expenditure of significant public funds for the purpose of hiring a special assistant district attorney with whom District Attorney Willis had, and may yet have, an ongoing romantic relationship,” the resolution states.

The panel will consist of no more than nine members, including at least three Democrats, according to the resolution.

“The powers and duties of this committee are limited in scope to address the questions and allegations and potential remedies as it relates to either state appropriations of funds, or potential law changes that may come about as the Senate study committee conducts its work,” state Sen. Greg Dolezal, a Republican, said on the Senate floor Friday.