German Deputy Chancellor Robert Habeck and his wife were held up for several hours late on Thursday on their return from a private vacation, as roughly 250 to 300 farmers blockaded the port their ferry was docking at, preventing those on board from disembarking.

Habeck was ultimately forced to return to the island of Hallig Hooge off Germany’s northern coast and then take another ferry back to the mainland. This followed a standoff of around two hours at the dock in Schlüttsiel, police said on Friday morning.

“The situation on site was heated, meaning that a dialogue between Mr. Habeck and the protest leaders could not be enabled, and because of that the ferry departed again,” police said. “From within the ranks of the protest, around 25-30 people tried to get on board the ferry, but they were held back by the officials on the scene, in part with the use of pepper spray.”