The girlfriend of mass shooter Romeo Nance has been charged with allegedly helping him avoid getting arrested after he gunned down eight people in suburban Chicago, including his mom, four siblings and a random stranger.

Kyleigh Cleveland-Singleton, the 21-year-old mom of Nance’s 3-year-old son, had been questioned Monday during the massive manhunt after bodies were found at multiple locations in Joliet, the Chicago Sun-Times said.

“Following questioning of Cleveland-Singleton, detectives believed that she made statements in order to prevent the apprehension of the suspect and obstruct this investigation,” police said, according to the paper.

Nance, 26, was later found hundreds of miles away in Texas, where he shot himself dead when cornered by cops.

Cleveland-Singleton was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of obstruction of justice. She was held in Will County Jail and due in court Thursday morning, WLS said.