California’s governor has now declared a state of emergency due to a large and destructive wildfire that prompted evacuation orders near the city of Oroville on Tuesday.

Cal Fire has named the incident the Thompson Fire, which started in the area of Cherokee Road and Thompson Flat Cemetery and has burned more than 3,002 acres with no containment reported.

Mandatory evacuation orders are affecting approximately 28,000 people as of Wednesday near downtown Oroville east to Kelly Ridge and up north just past Cannon Reservoir. Evacuation Orders are in place for the following zones: 532-536, 700-716, 730, 731, 800, 818, 819 828, 851, 953, 954, 958, 959, 960, and 965.

Evacuation Warnings are in effect for Zones 531, 726, 727, 801, 802, 804-811, 816, 817 and 820. Here is a live map of the evacuation zones.

Several state water project facilities are also under evacuation orders, including the Hyatt Powerplant facility and the Lake Oroville Visitor Center. The powerplant is offline as of Wednesday morning due to the de-energized powerlines PG&E shut off; essential staff have also been relocated.