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Guilty or not, the agenda behind the Rittenhouse trial is clear

By Che 

I had no intention of commenting on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Not because it’s not worth discussing, the case does present nuances that speak volumes to radical policy and media propaganda, but because I feel like I already know the end game. 

The most intriguing part of these events is figuring out what the elites are leading us towards. But this time, that chase just wasn’t there. No anticipation as to “what’s next,” nothing of the sort. So, I haven’t paid much attention to it.  

The end game that was so blatantly obvious was that the case would be racially polarizing. “People of color” will take the guilty position, and “racist white Republicans” will feel like the 17-year-old did nothing wrong.  

The racial divide will widen further when Rittenhouse is acquitted of all charges. This will prompt cries against racial inequalities, especially within the criminal justice system. Activists, politicians, clergy, pimps, hoes, and crackheads will lock arms and cry for more government control and intervention to finally solve the nation’s “original sin.” 

Then, corporations, athletes, and entertainers will coerce the public to accept this new paradigm or be forever excluded from future Video Music Awards. Corporatocracy wins, the establishment secures more power and control over your wealth, but at least you can attend a Travis Scott concert as long as you have proof you’ve had your 17th booster shot.  

So how exactly does a case where all parties involved are white become a racial issue? How does Kyle represent “white supremacy” and the victims eulogized as Black “allies”? The noise surrounding the case is louder than the case itself. 

It is the narratives driving this case and leading the people who can’t see beyond what’s in front of them down a path of no return.  

What are the narratives? The first, of course, is that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist.  

The shooting occurred amidst the Kenosha uprising after the shooting of Jacob Blake by law enforcement. The protests organized by Black Lives Matter quickly became violent as people began to burn and loot private businesses, destroying property and attacking anyone who stood in their way. According to Rittenhouse, he left his Antioch, Illinois home, about 30 minutes outside Kenosha, to help protect businesses and offer first aid to anyone in need. 

The narrative contends that Rittenhouse was upset about the riots because he didn’t agree with the premise that the police are the problem. So, he slung his AR-15 over his shoulder and went hunting for some black people. 

Unfortunately, all he found was an unruly mob and three white males to kill, despite the crowd having a number of nonwhite people to cleanse the world of in order to make room for Rittenhouse-style white supremacy. Somehow, a white male shooting three other white males is indicative of white supremacy. 

Of course, none of this has been proven. There is no sign that Rittenhouse is, was, or ever has been a white supremacist, white nationalist, or outright racist. There is no evidence that Rittenhouse went to Kenosha because he was upset at “black people wanting freedom.” 

If Rittenhouse was on a mission to cleanse the earth of dark-skinned people, why didn’t he do it? Why wait until you’re being pursued to start shooting when you were literally just surrounded by targets? 

One of the questions the mainstream media won’t ask is, why was Kyle Rittenhouse driven across state lines to defend the lives and property of people in Kenosha, Wisconsin? That’s a road the “Defund the police” crowd want to conveniently overlook. 

A 17-year-old kid equipped with an AR-15 was willing to stare down the mob while the police department, you know the people paid tax dollars to “protect and serve,” stood by and watched the city burn to the ground.  

The entire narrative is driven by power. The end game, as stated earlier, is power. This case will be used to demonstrate that the system is intrinsically racist towards non-white people. Therefore, we need more government oversight to cure the evils of racism. 

This will mean more tax increases for programs and departments designed to address racial hostilities and of course, microaggressions. This means more of our wealth in the hands of career politicians who have never produced anything of real value. More laws “protecting” victims of racism which means more power to regulate and judge by the state. It’s all a never-ending carousel that inevitably leads to power in the hands of the ruling class elites and less in the hands of the people. 

Peruse social media and you’ll see the same talking heads advocating for Rittenhouse’s conviction also advocate for the Big Pharma/Big Government conglomerate. The same people crying about “systemic racism” last year now advocate for blind adherence to the same system they want to abolish. 

It’s an avalanche of lies, contradictions, and half-truths all to fit a narrative that leaves us powerless.  

Will Rittenhouse receive any time? I’m not sure. I’m not familiar enough with Wisconsin state law to make that determination. There are different nuances that exist in each case that makes it unique. Personally, I see him being fully exonerated so as to continue with the agenda.  

What I do know, however, is that a line has been drawn in the sand between Kyle Rittenhouse and those that think like Kyle Rittenhouse aren’t on the cool kids’ side. Anyone that doesn’t agree with the cool kids’ story is immediately a racist white supremacist, even if you’re a person of color i.e., Winsome Sears. 

These are all scare tactics used to dissuade people from acting in their best interests and instead maintain their subservience to the state.

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Che is a writer and host of “The No Spoon Podcast” on Scoon TV.

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