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Here’s why you can’t cancel Louis CK and Dave Chappelle

By Camino Chávez

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Oh look, Twitter’s upset again.  

This time, they’re mad that comedian Louis CK performed in front of paying customers. Even worse, and that he put his recorded special out to view on his own website

The special, named Sorry, was filmed this past August at Madison Square Garden.  

Sorry comes four years after The New York Times piece that included accusations from multiple women that Louis CK exposed himself and masturbated in front of them.  

The twitter critics assert that Louis’s mistakes (which he paid for) are enough of a reason for his fans to cancel him. Several Twitter blue check marks, predictably, assumed race was somehow an issue here, too. 

Twitter verified writer Tara Dublin said, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s not a tragedy for a predatory white guy to not get work anymore just because other white guys think he used to be funny.” 

Why does Tara have to bring up his race? It’s not just “other white guys” defending him, either. She wasn’t the only one to do this, by the way. 

I, for one, am a Latino man. I attended the very show recorded on August 14th. I’d say about half the people there were women. There were plenty of non-white people there to see who is still one of the very funniest comedians on Earth. The show appeared “sold out,” so Tara is also wrong about Louis CK “not getting work.” 

But Tara doesn’t just inject played-out racism against white people and sexism against men into her inaccurate opinion. She also warps reality to such a degree that nearly everything in her tweet was objectively false. Nice contribution, Tara! 

Other self-righteous cranks on Twitter claim “cancel culture” is a myth because people are still free to enjoy these comedians.  

A “fiction writer” with communist insignia on his profile said, “With Louis CK dropping a new special called “Sorry” of all things & Dave Chappelle doubling down on his bigotry in three successful Netflix specials, I’m starting to think that cancel culture is just a right-wing bogeyman intended to shut down discussion & prevent accountability.” 

Now, in fairness, “thinking” has never come naturally for communists. Leftist whiners like these are so out of touch with reality that they think cancel culture doesn’t exist just because two of the best comedians of all-time still sell out shows despite controversy. 

They don’t want to accept that Louis CK and Dave Chappelle’s mastery of their art is so rare, there will always be a demand for it. It doesn’t matter how many woke scolds obnoxiously bitch. 

They, on the other hand, mindlessly repeat the same dogmatic, “acceptable” opinions.  

There are literally millions of clones of these unoriginal people trying to suck joy out of everything. But there is only one Louis CK, and one Dave Chappelle. 

It starts to make sense why so many of these Marxist “revolutionaries” hate the free market. They either don’t understand how it works or just hate that it does. No surprise it doesn’t seem to work out for people like them. 

Another out-of-touch person tweeted: “Louis CK has a new special. Cancel culture isn’t real. Repercussions and accountability should be the norm for abusers, not work, praise, & money. Opportunities, respect, & work should be the norm for survivors, not retaliation & harassment.” 

Again, with the embarrassing ignorance about how the free market works here. You don’t just get showbiz “work opportunities” and “respect” because you have a #MeToo story. That’s not how it works. 

You need to have talent, work hard at it for years, and people need to want what you’re offering. You don’t get comedy specials and fans just for having uncomfortable memories. 

Louis CK is a legend and gets work opportunities (and lost many) because of decades of work (Louis started doing stand-up in 1985!) and talent. 

That’s because, even though he’s a flawed man who made some mistakes, he’s still one of the best in the world at what he does. 

Rachel Leishman of The Mary Sue lamented, “We’re continually reminded that horrible people continue to work, without harm to their careers, because no one cares enough to deny Louis C.K., or other powerful men, a platform.” 

For one thing, Louis CK had to put this excellent special on his personal website, his own platform, presumably because no streaming service or channel would be willing to show it. And the people, like me, who bought tickets to his show at MSG, wanted to see him. Free country. Too bad. 

Louis also lost the shows and deals he was working on. His content was also removed from HBO. So, again, this writer is either lying or just ignorant. Neither would surprise me. 

Adding maybe an even bigger, obvious lie, Rachel continues with, “There are millions of funnier female comedians you could be listening to instead of a sexual predator.” 

Imagine how delusional you must be to believe this? Obviously, “millions” is an absurd exaggeration, but if there were even a dozen female stand-up comedians funnier than Louis CK, where are they? Wouldn’t they be making critically acclaimed specials, pushing Louis further down the ranks of the most in-demand comedians? 

Does the public just want less laughs and entertainment because these “millions” of female comics are (sigh) women? 

Of course not, because people will gladly pay to see great comedians who artfully say things most people are afraid to say out loud regardless of gender, race or anything else.  

That’s what makes comedians so important in American culture, and our value of free expression. That’s also what makes the great comedians great. Being fearless, making us think with their unique perspectives and being extremely skilled at this. 

The fact is, she’s just plain wrong. She’s either lying, or blind to the fact that her opinion is objectively laughable. There may not even be a dozen male stand-up comedians as funny as Louis CK. The people speak with their eyes and wallets. 

Fortunately, these Marxist thought-police types aren’t in charge of a “Ministry of Who We Say You Can Think is Funny” that only selects “comedians” who check off the correct demographics and say the “correct” political messages (eyeroll). Imagine how miserable that would be? 

People respect actual bravery, honesty and ingenuity, not the same pre-approved “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” propaganda that South Park brilliantly satirized with Jimmy the late-night host in their excellent post-Covid specials.  

Sorry neo-Maoists, but the people have spoken. Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, and Bill Burr are three of the most respected comedians on Earth. That’s because they bravely make fun of whatever they want, especially sacred cows, and are masters of their craft. 

Just because you can’t “cancel” masters of comedy like this, doesn’t mean “Cancel Culture” doesn’t exist. Cancel Culture is real, it’s harmful, and it adversely affects poor and middle-class people, as well as the famous and powerful. 

I recommend considering perspectives that lie outside of the woke echo chamber before voicing such embarrassing opinions.  

And to the woke crowd; stop thinking you get to decide for us which entertainers we choose to support, and which content we choose to enjoy. The twitter police act just like a fascist (or communist) dictator. You know, the exact people they pretend to fight. 

This is a free country. You’d do well to remember that.

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Camino Chavez

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