House to vote on standalone Israel aid bill next week, setting up showdown with Senate

House Republicans are planning to vote on a bill next week that would give billions in military assistance to Israel and U.S. forces in the region, a measure that is destined to come to a head with a Senate proposal expected to package funding for border security with aiding foreign democracies.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) announced in a letter sent to the Republican conference Saturday that the House would send $17.6 billion to reinforce Israel’s military defense systems and U.S. personnel and citizens in the region as a result of ongoing conflicts. If approved by the House by midweek, the bill would be the second one sent to the Senate in two months. But unlike the previous iteration, it includes $3.3 billion more for Israel and does not include controversial offsets to the Internal Revenue Service that House Republicans championed and were considered a non-starter by the Democratic Senate.

“The Senate will no longer have excuses, however misguided, against swift passage of this critical support for our ally,” Johnson wrote in his letter.

The move comes as the Senate is expected to unveil and vote on a supplemental package this weekend that would fund new measures to control the historic flow of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, while fulfilling President Biden’s $106 billion request to also aid Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific region. House Republicans’ surprise announcement to send the Senate a stand-alone Israel funding bill sets up dueling votes in both chambers, which remain apart on how to fund border security and Ukraine in divided government.