A publishing company whose politically-slanted newspapers have been derided as “pink slime” is being sued by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul for illegally identifying birthdates and home addresses of “hundreds of thousands” of voters.

Raoul’s legal move against Local Government Information Services accuses the company of publishing sensitive personal data that could subject voters across Illinois to identity theft.

Among those whose personal data has been identified on LGIS’ nearly three dozen online websites are current and former judges, police officers, high-ranking state officials and victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, Raoul’s filing said.

The attorney general wants a Lake County Circuit Court judge to immediately order the organization to remove voters’ home addresses and dates of birth from its online content.

Raoul brought the action on behalf of the State Board of Elections, which alleges that the material LGIS has published involved voter data from 2016 and 2020 that was made available only to political committees in the state for political use.