The United Nations Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) announced on Sunday that it had “anticipated” , for security reasons, its withdrawal from a camp in the north of the country which the army claims to have recovered “after numerous incidents” with the “terrorist” groups and despite the desires of the former Tuareg rebellion.

“MINUSMA has anticipated its withdrawal from Ber due to the deterioration of security in the area and the high risks that this poses to our Blue Helmets” , she explains in a message on X (formerly Twitter), without precision on the initial departure date and the workforce.

It “invites the various actors concerned to refrain from any act which could further complicate the operation”.

Ber’s departure from the Burkinab√® blue helmets who were occupying it was programmed within the framework of the withdrawal of MINUSMA by the end of the year from this country, with a first departure occurring on August 3 in Ogossagou (center) that the army, in a press release published Sunday evening, said to control since.