Carolina Leal used to support socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and, before that, his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

But now Leal, founder of the ‘Feeding a Dream’ charity, spends her days feeding hungry and sometimes malnourished children in Maracaibo, in Venezuela’s oil-rich state of Zulia. And now she is not so sure.

“I used to defend the revolution,” Leal said. “(But) I got tired of seeing people die of hunger.”

Venezuela votes for its next president on July 28 – and the dire straits in which many live will be top of people’s minds. Despite a recent economic recovery that has been much touted by the Maduro government, many families are going hungry and depending on aid to feed themselves.

“We’ve saved lives, we’ve seen the eyes of many children shine, which is what is most fulfilling,” said Leal, 47, while holding Juan Camilo, a baby of three months, who is fed by the foundation.