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‘Inclusion’ has room for everything but your personality

By Matthew Delaney

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The Supreme Court nomination hearings of Ketanji Brown Jackson feel a lot like a Dr. Phil episode — probably because they’re indistinguishable.  

A few months ago, conservative pundit Matt Walsh went on Dr. Phil and stumped a panel of gender ideology supporters when he asked them to define what a woman is. Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn must’ve caught that segment, because last week she stumped Jackson with the very same question. From the National Review

Blackburn: “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” 

Jackson: “Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t.” 

Blackburn: “You can’t?” 

Jackson: “Not in this context.” [Starts to chuckle, as though the question is absurd.] “I’m not a biologist.” 

Say what now? The newest member of the nation’s highest court needs to phone a biologist to understand what a woman is? Do we really think she made it this far in life without knowing?  

Of course not. Jackson told a clumsy lie because she was scared about alienating the trans activist class. It appears that she’s more concerned about her political loyalties than she is interpreting the Constitution. Thanks to Blackburn’s silly, trollish question, that’s now on the record for all of us to remember.  

Pointing out liberal’s hypocrisies and inconsistencies is important, but it’s not the silver bullet it’s made out to be. That’s because the liberal elites understand something we don’t; giving people a sense of belonging is more powerful than any damage caused by the absurd delusions they peddle. So powerful, in fact, that it can make people want to become an NPC. 

We’ve become a lonely country. That’s despite being more connected to each other than ever thanks to the internet, and despite that being the opinion of average people. If you surgically modify your sexual organs, you’re not average. You’re not even normal. If your regular Joe neighbor is feeling lonely, then imagine how some dude who was Steve last week and is now Stefania feels. 

There’s a level of sympathy we have for people struggling with those issues. We don’t want to exclude them from society just for being weird. That can be a fate equal to death for some. But what began as accepting peoples’ differences for the good of their social health became a need to radically restructure everything in society so trans people never feel excluded again.    

Now we get to enjoy the “progress” of a (transwo)man winning NCAA swimming titles, and another being celebrated as a “Woman of the Year.” All of us wonder why — and how — these woke beliefs can get less connected to reality, but more omnipresent. Sure, liberal elites control many institutions and enough political offices to inflate the presence of these beliefs, but we’re fresh off resisting their biggest propaganda campaign ever with the Covid-19 hysteria. We can beat some gender lunacy, right?  

What we overlook is that the delusion has become the source of their value of inclusion.  

Progressives created a community of underdogs whose self-image is based on how much they are oppressed by some imagined conservative regime. From the feminist harpies fighting toxic masculinity to the wannabe Civil Rights icons dismantling systemic racism, these people act as if they’re in one big #Resistance family. 

Essentially, they “wear” an identity that matches how they feel about themselves. Walsh touched on this phenomenon a bit on Dr. Phil’s show. He claimed that the (transwo)men who couldn’t define the female sex are treating womanhood as a costume that they can put on. It’s a useful way of looking at the identity politics the left enjoys so much because every one of its supporters end up ditching their personalities for a costume.  

I wouldn’t say these people had strong identities to begin with. They’re typically listless outcasts on a desperate search for friendship and meaning. Once liberal elites tell them that they are warriors against racism, sexism, and transphobia, they suddenly never want to break character.  

Those of us that don’t buy into the delusion can see how their mission to achieve social justice has turned its most passionate supporters into insecure and humorless narcissists. They are miserable people who are miserable to be around. Naturally, we prefer to avoid them. 

But the inclusion racket collapses when its mascots are treated as the most repulsive people on the planet. That’s why the elites aggressively try to cancel you for hate speech or wrongthink or whatever. To not accept their gender-confused, neurotic stooges as model citizens is the new cardinal sin — and is deserving of your exclusion from polite society, and sometimes even your ability to make a living.  

The ultimate goal is to make it so that you’ll want to always wear your costumed identity. Leave your quirks and your idiosyncrasies and your unique characteristics behind, they’re only slowing down our transition into an inclusive utopia. The rewards for doing so are immense. Just look at Jackson, who is being elevated to the Supreme Court because she never takes off her costume.  

There is a danger in making us all into NPCs, though: the elites get total control over the entirety of our human experience. Looking at their prototypes in SJWs, I’d say that’s proof enough that they have no genuine interest in your well-being. 

People are realizing that it’s better to be dirtied by the elite’s reputational smears and ostracization than it is to have a nice, clean costume to wear. Because once you put it on, it’s damn near impossible to take off.

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Matthew Delaney


Matthew Delaney is a local journalist based in Washington, D.C. When he’s not questioning why he joined the media, he’s doing his part to restore some of its credibility with quality work

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