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Is World War 3 about to go hot?


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We are on the brink of World War 3 going hot and nobody has a clue. 

World War 3 actually began sometime in 2020 and was certainly underway during the presidential election of 2020. It has mostly been a quiet war. The focus has been on cyber warfare, the presidential election, trade, civil unrest, and policy. 

But this quiet war could become hot and go kinetic within the next few months, if not sooner. 

Before we continue, you must remember one key tenet: Biden is wholly owned and controlled by China, i.e., the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). No matter what actions you see him take, no matter what he says, no matter the news reports, China controls Biden. Never forget this.  

It’s important to review how we got here. Leading up to, during, and for two years after the 2016 election, the media pummeled the public and Trump with allegations of Russian collusion. 

I’m sure I don’t have to go into detail regarding how they painted Russia as hellbent on corrupting our election to install Putin’s puppet – Trump – as POTUS. The main takeaway from this is that the MSM wanted us to believe that Russia is our #1 enemy and war was on the table.  

Trump never fell for it. He knew Russia isn’t our friend, but rather a frenemy to be negotiated with, provided the US shows strength. Putin respects that dynamic. Make no mistake, had Hillary won, we would have been at war with Russia during her first term. I’ll get to the reasons why later.  

Trump knew our true enemy is China. They are primarily an economic enemy with the trade imbalance of slave labor, technology theft, military secrets, corporate espionage, and intellectual property theft. Plus, it’s no secret China sees itself as the rightful heir to becoming the world’s #1 superpower. They also need it because the CCP system is collapsing internally and a war plus expansion will help prevent that. 

This is why Trump hammered them every chance he got during the debates and subsequently during his presidency. He knew our wholly compromised press would never report the truth. It was up to him to shine the spotlight on China. 

Steve Bannon, a key Trump advisor at the time, had been beating the China drum for years (he still is) and this opportunity wasn’t going to go to waste. 

Trump immediately took measures to balance the heavily lopsided trade deficit with China. He brought manufacturing back to the US and was close to gaining oil independence. The Keystone Pipeline would have been the final piece of the puzzle to an energy-independent America. 

It was 2019 and Trump was winning “bigly.” The American economy was at an all-time high. Trump was holding a straight flush and China was about to be forced to fold. But then China got “lucky” on the river card – the “Chinavirus” hit. 

Trump was extremely careful to always lay blame for Covid on China. The messaging was crystal clear. China was officially put on notice. 

In July 2020, President Trump ordered the closure of the Chinese Embassy in Houston Texas. Trump gave them approximately 72 hours to leave the country. Embassy workers were seen burning documents in garbage cans on the roof before vacating. 

The closure was an offensive move Trump took against China’s cyber-crimes and theft of US intellectual property. However, there were also allegations China was helping groups like BLM and Antifa sow unrest throughout America. It could be that the Houston embassy was a main hub of that activity. 

This culminated with China, in my opinion, helping with the 2020 election theft. Who do you think printed those fake ballots? 

I have no doubt we’ve entered a state of war with China since 2019 which escalated around the November election. There was a record number of military spy planes in US airspace on election night. I remember seeing the flight tracking data and there were over 1,000 military aircraft over US airspace that night. And those were the ones we were allowed to see on the trackers. 

The daily average is 200-225 aircraft. Somewhere someone has all of the proof. Why hasn’t it been shown yet? I wish I knew. 

China has been creating problems domestically inside the US for many years. I estimate there are at least 1 million Chinese agents (probably a lot more) living inside the US to foment chaos.  

They are students, professors, coworkers, government employees, and your neighbors. They are loyal to the CCP and actively working to damage us from within. They specialize in creating groups/organizations that outwardly appear to be pro-democracy but promote socialist and communist agendas. This is exactly what BLM and Antifa are. 

If you recall, there was also a Chinese shipping container filled with weapons that had been seized around the same time the Antifa and BLM riots neared their peak. Additionally, this happened in the middle of the Chinese-generated pandemic. 

China learning from Russia 

I believe China took over the decades-old Russian program designed to destroy America from within. Sometime in the 50’s/60’s (perhaps earlier), the Soviet Union began infiltrating the US to alter our society and education system to one that favors communism. They also sought to destroy our statues to disconnect us from our history, as well as create racial tensions. 

Another element is the destruction of religion and the family unit, along with an “anything goes” sexual environment. Sound familiar? 

The last piece is art. Their plan was to get us to enjoy meaningless abstract art. Some of this might sound superficial, but when done in unison, collectively they can fundamentally change the country for generations. 

It is nearly impossible to undo this damage in a person raised and educated in this system. The only way out is to make fundamental changes in those areas and wait for the new generations.  

Former KGB and Soviet Union defector, Yuri Bezmenov, warned us of this strategy in an old interview. 

Now you know where it all comes from. This runs deeper than ignorant, free thinking college students run amuck. It is a cancerous societal tumor that took decades to metastasize. We are now at the precipice and our enemies know this. The globalists know this because they architected the entire thing for this end. 

I believe China plugged into the Russian plan during the 90’s and the China-friendly Clinton administration. Now, 30 years later, they’re nearing checkmate. 

Hillary Clinton wanted war with Russia because WW3 is the gateway to the New World Order. Putin is no globalist. He is a devout nationalist which makes him an enemy of the globalists and the perfect foil. 

WW3 provides a world-unifying event that would defeat the nationalist Putin and clear the playing field for their agenda. But stopping Putin is only a minor part. Russia is merely the catalyst to start things off, a key pawn. 

The obstacle known as Trump 

The order of events was supposed to be WW3, pandemic, Great Reset, and then the New World Order. Except, miraculously, Trump won the 2016 election. 

They were desperate to get rid of Trump. They tried everything from Special Prosecutor Mueller to a record-breaking two impeachments. But they all failed, and Trump grew stronger. 

They needed to hit Trump hard and destroy the roaring economy before the election. If there was no virus going into 2020, stealing the election would be impossible. A Biden win wouldn’t have a shred of believability if they didn’t have a single thing to hang around Trump’s neck.  

The virus gave them the ability to make Trump appear beatable. It also opened the door to mail-in ballots which were key to stealing the election. So, they adjusted their period and moved the planned pandemic up a few years to 2019/2020. 

Many of you should recall they ran a coronavirus pandemic simulation in 2019. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, with the World Economic Forum and the Gates Foundation, hosted Event 201 in New York on October 18, 2019

Event 201 had a coronavirus pandemic that began in China and spread throughout the world. What a coincidence that a coronavirus pandemic began just two months later in China of all places. 

Why would the World Economic Forum need to participate in a global health emergency drill? It seems odd, until you realize they intended to use the pandemic to impose the Great Reset. 

This isn’t a conspiracy. They clearly state it on their own website. They were lucky they had just war-gamed this exact scenario! 

Globalism’s post-Trump plans 

Suffice to say, the pandemic worked. Mail-in ballots helped them steal a landslide Trump victory, and China’s puppet was installed as our 46th president. 

Remember, the order was supposed to be WW3 and then the pandemic. This was the plan had Hillary won in 2016. But now that the pandemic came first, WW3 will assuredly soon follow. We’re already seeing the signs.  

In President Biden’s first year, Putin began making aggressive moves on Ukraine and moved his military just across the border. Russia also established an alliance with China. 

Meanwhile, China began posturing on Taiwan and their fighter jets buzzed around Taiwanese airspace. Wang Wenbin, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, recently stated, “The era in which the U.S. acted arbitrarily in the world under the pretext of so-called ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ is over. The day of reckoning will eventually come for the U.S. military who committed the crimes of killing innocent civilians in many countries.” 

This is an ominous statement that needs to be taken seriously. 

It’s common for our enemies to test a new president during his first year to see how he reacts to certain stimuli, but this is different. Things are reaching a head. The interests of the globalists and China are intersecting right now. 

Remember, globalists do not see borders. I remember a 2016 Instagram post by George Soros’ son, Alex. It was a photo of multiple country flags flying over the entrance of the Hotel Sacher Wien in Austria. He wrote, “The question is, which of these flags will fall first?” An ominous warning, wouldn’t you say? 

Globalists like Alex Soros look at the globe as one big chessboard. They move the game pieces around to suit their agenda with zero allegiance to any single country nor people. And President Biden will do nothing to stand in their way. Instead, he will help them. 

We’ll watch our freedoms get taken, just as Australians did via pandemic-induced mandates. Russia will invade Ukraine, and the US and our allies will come to their aid to fight Russia. Biden will fully commit our military. Once we’re engaged in Ukraine, China will invade Taiwan. 

The US has the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan that clearly states the US will protect Taiwan. Therefore, Biden can’t just let China take them. He will appear to try to protect them, but it will be minimal. He’ll use our commitment in Ukraine as the excuse for why our Taiwan defense isn’t more robust. Biden will make strong statements condemning China, but they will have little-to-no bite. It will be pure theater for the masses. 

Finally, China will handily retake Taiwan. What happens afterwards is a big question mark. 

The globalists need America to go down. However, a tactical nuclear war would damage the land for far too long, so I doubt it will go nuclear. Don’t forget that, as of 2020, China owns at least 192,000 acres of US farmland along with other properties. 

China doesn’t want to destroy their investment. They began taking over years ago by legally buying US land in preparation for what is about to come. 

The incoming first attack 

How will China first attack the US? An EMP would make the most sense. A nuclear warhead detonated in the lower atmosphere would destroy our electric grid and any electric appliances, cars, etc. that aren’t protected at the time of detonation. 

China is fully capable of frying our electric grid with super-EMP weapons. In fact, Chinese military doctrine is full of strategies consistent with a nuclear first strike. 

Dr. Peter Pry, the director of the US EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, has said that “China is eager to shoot first with “high-altitude electromagnetic pulse,” or HEMP, weapons launched from satellites, ships, and land.” 

In August 2020, China took US intelligence by surprise when it tested a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile that circled the globe before reaching its target. Perhaps this was a test run for a Super EMP missile? Had it been real, our world would’ve been over in the blink of an eye, but our land and infrastructure would have remained intact. 

I often wonder what is inside all of those cargo ships sitting off every US coast. Could a number of them be holding Super-EMP weapons? There’s no doubt that the shipping crisis is manufactured, and Biden is letting it continue. But what if it had a dual purpose to not only destroy our economy, but also give China a way of getting military weapons, equipment, and soldiers on our coasts? 

I know our military can scan these ships from the land, air, and space, but have they? Has Biden or his Secretary of Defense ordered this type of reconnaissance? Is a “Red Dawn” styled invasion in the wake of an EMP that implausible? Especially after everything I have laid out? 

All of the signs for Pearl Harbor 2.0 are here. However, this one will be worse than we can imagine, especially without a Commander-in-Chief willing to act to stop it. Biden is beholden to China and the globalists. Also, don’t forget there are Chinese agents already here in the United States.

People don’t realize how ubiquitous the CCP is in China, too. They control everything and everyone. An innocent Chinese person living in the US, but with family still in China, could even find themselves in the CCP’s grip.

Given how high the stakes are, and China’s oft-stated goals of replacing the US as the world’s dominant superpower, it is reasonable to assume the CCP will go to any extreme to accomplish their goal. Are your eyes open yet? 

I believe WW3 will officially kick-off when Russia moves on Ukraine within the next couple months right after the holidays, though there is chatter that it could be as early as Christmas Eve. China will retake Taiwan and then it is our turn. 

I pray that there are enough patriots in DC to thwart their plans. They can be stopped, but it will take patriots with fortitude to do what is necessary to stop them. I know they’re out there in our military, NSA, etc. and they need to stand up now before it’s too late. Especially when the White House is wholly compromised. We are nearing the globalists’ denouement. 

People are so distracted by the pandemic that they don’t realize we are at the precipice of WW3 going hot. All the key pieces are being strategically moved into place. Our derelict media is more concerned with scaring rather than informing us. We are asleep at the wheel and China knows this. They pushed us into this weak position and are poised to cash in their chips. 

It’s funny. When I saw Alex Soros’ Instagram post in 2016, I never dreamed the US flag would be the first to fall. Hopefully, it isn’t.

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