Jim Jordan fails in third bid to become House speaker

Rep. Jim Jordan failed to win the speaker’s gavel in a third round of voting, with 25 members voting against him.

Earlier Friday, Jordan kicked off the day with a call for House Republicans to “step up” and elect him by the end of the day to break the gridlock.

The Ohio Republican compared the difficult task ahead of his colleagues to America having put “a man on the moon” in “one lifetime” — as he faces more than 20 members who have opposed his speakership bid thus far.

“The quickest way to get all this work done is to get a speaker elected — that’s what I hope we can do today,” Jordan said.

The founding member of the House Freedom Caucus has not received more than 200 votes to succeed ousted Speaker McCarthy as the next leader of the House of Representatives, earning 200 and 199 members’ support in the previous two rounds.