Judge orders Trump to pay nearly $400,000 for New York Times’ legal fees

A judge in New York has ordered former President Donald Trump to pay nearly $400,000 to cover The New York Times’ legal fees from a now-dismissed lawsuit he brought against the paper, three of its reporters and his niece.

Trump sued the New York Times in 2021, accusing the paper of conspiring with his estranged niece, Mary Trump, to obtain and publish his tax records. New York Judge Robert Reed dismissed the lawsuit against with the Times and its reporters in May 2023, ruling that they were protected under the First Amendment and ordering Trump to cover their legal fees.

On Friday, Reed determined that $392,638.69 was “a reasonable value for the legal services rendered,” given the complexity of the case and the attorneys involved. (A portion of the lawsuit against Mary Trump was allowed to proceed, and her request to be reimbursed for legal fees was denied in June.)

In 2018, New York Times reporters Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russell Buettner published an investigation into Trump’s wealth and taxes, revealing details from tax filings the former president had been unwilling to release publicly, claiming they were under audit. The paper later won a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting.