A petition urging the prohibition of TikTok has ignited a lively discussion within Kenya’s parliamentary and public spheres.

On Tuesday, the Kenyan parliament engaged in a comprehensive debate surrounding the petition, which was submitted by Kenyan citizen Bob Ndolo.

Mr. Ndolo implored Members of Parliament to consider outlawing TikTok, asserting that the platform poses a challenge to the fundamental cultural and religious values of Kenya.

In his submission, the petitioner highlighted the inadequate regulation of TikTok within Kenya, attributing it to the surge of offensive and unsuitable content pervading the platform.

Moses Wetangula, the Speaker of the Kenyan parliament, conveyed, “The petition emphasizes that although TikTok has gained substantial popularity among Kenya’s youth, the nature of content being disseminated on the platform is unsuitable. This trend, including the promotion of violence, explicit sexual content, hate speech, profanity, and offensive conduct, poses a substantial threat to Kenya’s cultural and religious values.”