Las Vegas police officer gets 12 years in prison for casino robberies netting $165,000

A Las Vegas police officer was sentenced Tuesday to 12 years in federal prison for stealing nearly $165,000 in a trio of casino heists, including one in which he was found guilty of brandishing a department-issued weapon.

Caleb Rogers, who has been on unpaid suspension in a solo jail cell since his arrest nearly 20 months ago, apologized before sentencing. His mother, Crystal Rogers, of Toledo, Ohio, told the judge that she was “not pleased” but that her son had full family support.

Rogers, 35, brandished the gun during his arrest in February 2022 following a brief struggle with casino security officers in a parking lot not far from the Las Vegas Strip. One guard was so shaken he said he left the job shortly afterward and moved to a new line of work altogether.

“I do understand my mistakes,” he said, “and I pray for a chance at redemption.”

U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon said he understood that Rogers struggled with a gambling addiction and financial troubles and credited him with service to the community.

Richard Pocker, Rogers’ lawyer, sought leniency, saying his client has a young son, helped with a family ministry, assisted homeless people and was an emergency medical technician before becoming a Las Vegas police officer in 2015.

“It’s ironic that his status as a police officer should be a reason to punish him more harshly,” Pocker said.