A flashy, McLaren-driving member of America’s fourth-richest family is “worrying” neighbors and raising eyebrows after buying 10 of their homes and calling them “pieces of crap.”

Kathy Cargill is listed as manager of North Shore LS, LLC, a private entity that’s on a real-estate shopping spree in Park Point — a picturesque neighborhood along a seven-mile-long Lake Superior sandbar in Duluth, Minnesota.

She is the wife of billionaire James Cargill II, one of the heirs to Cargill, Inc., based in Wayzata, Minnesota.

The largest privately owned company in America, Cargill is a major seller of food and beauty products including cocoa, soy and oils and owns brands such as Purina pet food.

Thus far, it’s been reported, North Shore has bought 10 properties along Park Point over the last year — sometimes paying hundreds of thousands of dollars over home appraisals.