Mali’s military rulers received more warplanes and helicopters from Russia Thursday, the latest in a series of deliveries from its new top military and political ally.

Eight planes and two helicopters were counted at a ceremony attended by Russian ambassador Igor Gromyko and the head of Mali’s junta, Colonel Assimi Goita.

Mali’s military said the shipment included Sukhoi Su-25 attack planes designed to support ground troops; and the Czech-designed Albatros L-39.

L-39s, while initially designed for training purposes, have also been used as attack aircraft.

Bamako also received Mi-8s, a Soviet-designed Russian transport helicopter that, as well as transporting troops and equipment, can be fitted with weapons to defend ground troops.

Malian officials did not give a detailed breakdown of how many of each aircraft had been delivered, and while they say they purchased the weapons, they have released no details of the transactions.

This is the latest in a series of similar Russian deliveries of military equipment, following others in March and August, 2022.

The west African country has been fighting a jihadist insurgency as well as a political and humanitarian crisis since 2012.