Anyone who has studied the history of the 20th Century is likely familiar with the tragic series of confluences and “coincidences” that triggered a domino effect of military alliances leading to WWI. 

The tale of WWI is a tale of what DARPA would call a “linchpin” event – A relatively small action or crisis triggering a larger avalanche of geopolitical disasters.

One could even make the argument that the intricate chain of alliances in Eurasia were tailor made for world war, all that was needed was the right catalyst.  This is how a war between tiny Serbia and Austria became a global conflict.

Unfortunately, a similar set of circumstances exists today in the Middle East, with many mainstream analysts finally realizing the dangers that alternative analysts have been warning about for years.  The war between the Israelis and the Palestinians is not ultimately about terrorism or biblical disagreements, it is about a structure of defense pacts and alliances that are just waiting to be tested.

The situation is rooted in archaic tribal disagreements that date back thousands of years, to be sure.  Both sides think they are the “chosen people” anointed by heaven, which is why western nations have no business getting involved.  It’s a mess that the west can only make worse.  That said, this ancient division is merely a useful “linchpin” that can be exploited by malicious parties to ignite a global disaster.

The two keys to the spreading conflict are Israel and Iran (not the Palestinians).