A group of Morehouse College faculty members are pushing to stop the school from conferring an honorary doctorate on President Joe Biden at its commencement ceremony on May 19.

Morehouse President David Thomas met virtually with faculty members Wednesday to discuss the issue.

“A majority of the comments were opposed to an honorary degree, but there were a couple of very strong defenses,” a faculty member who was on the call said.

Those against the decision criticized Biden’s policies on policing and mass incarceration, his handling of the conflict in Gaza and his more recent comments around student protests. Those in favor of the honorary degree called attacks against Biden’s handling of the war in Gaza “unwarranted,” according to the person on the call.

Still, it’s unclear exactly how widespread the dissatisfaction is. The first real test will come next week.

Though Morehouse announced last month that Biden would be awarded an honorary doctorate, procedurally, faculty must still vote on it. That vote is scheduled to take place on Thursday — three days before commencement — during a regularly scheduled faculty meeting, according to the faculty member.