New York City Council overrides Mayor Eric Adams’ vetoes on solitary confinement ban, police transparency bill

The New York City Council voted Tuesday to override Mayor Eric Adams’ vetoes on a solitary confinement ban and a bill to document police stops.

The council voted 42-9.

“Public safety is a collective effort, but it can only be achieved when there is transparency and accountability and policing,” said City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams on Tuesday in support of the bills. “Black and Latino New Yorkers continue to be disproportionately subjected to unconstitutional stops that go underreported. Civilian complaints of misconduct are at their highest levels in a decade. These stops can no longer happen in the shadows.”

Mayor Adams slammed the decision to override the veto.

These bills will make New Yorkers less safe on the streets, while police officers are forced to fill out additional paperwork rather than focus on helping New Yorkers and strengthening community bonds,” he said in a statement. “Additionally, it will make staff in our jails and those in our custody less safe by impairing our ability to hold those who commit violent acts accountable.”

The bill on solitary confinement would require all people in city custody to have at least 14 hours of out-of-cell time in a congregate setting “unless for the purpose of de-escalation confinement or during emergency lock-ins,” which would limit the confinement to a maximum of four hours after an incident or confrontation.