New York’s Legislature passed a bill on Friday that would ban social media platforms from using “addictive” recommendation algorithms for child users.

It’s expected that Gov. Kathy Hochul will sign the bill into law. On Friday, she posted on X celebrating the bill’s passage.

The bill could fundamentally change how children use social media in the state.

The Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids act will prohibit social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram from serving content to users under the age of 18 based on recommendation algorithms, meaning that, instead, social media companies will have to provide reverse-chronological feeds for child users.

The legislation describes algorithmic feeds as “addictive” and says they negatively affect children’s mental health.

The New York legislation defines an “addictive feed” as one that recommends, selects or prioritizes media based on information associated with a user or their device. It would compel the state’s attorney general to disseminate rules for enforcement. A company found in violation would have 30 days to correct the issue or face remedies of up to $5,000 per user under the age of 18.